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May Need Scar Revision After Moles Removed from my Back and Breast - Pennsylvania

I did it because the moles were itchy and one was raised and ugly so I wanted to get rid of it...but If the mole is not bothering you please just leave it alone..its not really worth it. I have recently had two moles removed (1 month ago) and have one on my lower breast and one on my back. each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal incision...the incision was closed with stitches... READ MORE

Questions from waterfalls9580

Is Transaxillary Incision Possible with Silicone Gel Implants?

HI, I would like to get 250cc-300cc MAX moderate profile silicone cohesive gel implants under the muscle, but I would like them to be placed through the TRANSAXILLARY incision.... READ MORE

Transaxillary Incision for Silicone Breast Implants?

I want cohesive gel silicone breast implants. I am 12 or 13 inches in diameter and would much rather prefer moderate profile (for full A or small B); I hate the look of... READ MORE

Laser Treatment on Dog Ear Incision After Mole Removal?

I have recently had two moles removed a month ago, one on my lower breast and one on my back. Each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal incision. The incision was... READ MORE

Mole Removal on Breast Before Breast Augmentation

I had 2 moles removed one month ago. One is on my lower breast. They are both a half inch long and normal incision size. I have been massaging and applying lotion everyday,... READ MORE

Effects of Smoking on Breast Augmentation Results?

What happens if you still smoke before Breast augmentation? What are the effects on the outcome of the breasts and can I ever smoke again? I've actually quitted in January... READ MORE

Laser Treatment to Hasten Healing After Mole Removal?

I have just had two moles removed and would like to know when and if it can be too early for laser scar therapy? Its been a month and they seem to have flattened and are... READ MORE

Under the Muscle Implant Placement for Natural Feel?

I am planning on getting breast implants this year. I hold above all, the most important thing to be feel of the implants. I want them to be bouncy, move freely, and look... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Vs Midface Lift Vs Fat Transfer Rhinoplasty

I want to do something about my face. I Don't know what. Should I get buccal fat removal and fat transfer or, a mid facelift? I had big cheeks as a child and nasolabial... READ MORE

Minor Rhinoplasty Changes?

Hello, I would like a rhinoplasty, but I am afraid of having too much taken off. My nose looks pretty good except I feel it is a little too wide and bulbous. It's not big by... READ MORE

I need a doctor who is an expert in facial surgery to sculpt and achieve facial harmony. I'm dissatisfied with my nose.

.the doc told me that my nose was fine and that I should transposition the fat in my buccal area to my cheeks...I went for another consult and the doc, said the same thing.... READ MORE

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Some of the vessels in the lymphatic system (in this case near your breasts) have been cut,,therefore, there is no way for the body to drain itself of the fluid and causes edema (swelling)...should dissipate rather quickly as lymph... READ COMMENT

Are you kidding me? i dunno about you but i think your breasts look great!...the scars are going to fade, the nipples look like normal nipples, actually GREAT, and the reference to the uneven breasts--well that can be easily fixed...so... READ COMMENT