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Feeling the Relief of Not Lugging Around 32G's! - Minneapolis, MN

I am hoping to feel relief from my neck, shoulder and upper back pain. I've considered this surgery for years and only now got up the nerve, because my 21 year old daughter is having it. I am extremely nervous and worried about all of the things most people having surgery worry about. Being put under, complications, infections and not being pleased with the end result. Yesterday I was able... READ MORE

Questions from Minnesota9

Breast Reduction Size Question For my Frame?

I am 50 years old. 5'4 and 125 lbs. I just had my consult with a PS and he said my breasts were about 800 grams each. The insurance company requires him to remove 400 grams.... READ MORE

What to Expect on 2nd Appointment with PS For Breast Reduction?

My consult was to decide if I was a good candidate. Now that I am approved, I'm wondering what we discuss at the 2nd appt. Do I disrobe again and do we have a better... READ MORE

Will a Breast Reduction Help with Acid Reflux Flare Ups?

I am curious if the weight of heavy breasts increases acid reflux symptoms. My symptoms feel better when I am not wearing a bra, but not a lot and I find myself lifting them to... READ MORE

How Long Until I Am "Out of the Woods" for Wound Separation?

I am 10 days post op. My tape has been removed and things look good so far. My question is how long after surgery does the potential complication of wound separation exist? My... READ MORE

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Surgeon recommendations for Minnesota

I am a 50 year old woman that is 5'4" and 125 lbs.  My 21 year old daughter is roughly the same size and we are both considering breast reduction.  I was fitted for a... READ MORE

Grams vs. Cup Size and % reduced

My doctor talks grams rather than cup sizes.  He said that my breasts are about 800 grams each and he will be removing 400 grams.  I'm just curious if that is going... READ MORE

Breast reduction and possible acid reflux relief?

Besides having such large breasts (32G), I also have a lot of discomfort from acid reflux.  I really think it may be triggered by bras that are too tight around my ribcage... READ MORE

Can we talk grams instead of cup size?

My PS will not discuss cup size.  He only talks grams.  Since none of my bras fit, I can only guess that I'm a 32DDD or G (G is what the bra fitter at Nordstrom's... READ MORE

Breathing Tube During Surgery

Today at my pre-op, we briefly discussed that it would be decided the day of surgery if I would have a breathing tube or not.  Did most of you have one and if so, did you... READ MORE

Anti-nausea patch anyone?

I don't think most people have an issue with this patch, but I've had a bad reaction to it.  It worked great to make me feel absolutely no nausea after surgery.  The... READ MORE

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He did both my 19 year old daughter and my reduction. He is wonderful. No complications and we are both still 34 C's! Best wishes to you. You are in good hands! READ COMMENT

The surgeon took care of writing up documentation. We didn't have to provide anything else. READ COMMENT

Hi Emily! You posted on my review, so I wanted to hop over here to see what's going on with you. It's getting close now! Since my 21 year old daughter and I had the surgery about 5 weeks apart, there's been plenty of "boob talk" at... READ COMMENT

Hi Emily. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. You and my daughter are about the same size. She didn't want to do a review, but I can tell you her results were fantastic. I think younger skin just seems to heal a little better. She is... READ COMMENT

Hi Beachy: My surgery was 11/6. I am not wearing underwire and if I remember the instructions I got, it would be quite awhile before that would feel comfortable. There are some really good bras out there that are wirefree and with... READ COMMENT