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Look lady, I don't think you're lying at all and I NEVER ONCE implied that any of this was your fault (what I meant by "go easy on yourself" was that you shouldnt blame yourself), but i dont think this should be the end of your world..... READ COMMENT

Okay, some of that makes sense and I have read about the holes happening to other people--also perhaps the laser DID trigger some sort of aging process--i will take you at your word, but aging IS inevitable for everyone, no matter how... READ COMMENT

Whoa, that sucks. I don't mean to imply that you're lying (because I don't see why you would bother), but since you have no pictures it also makes me wonder if some of this might be in your head....I think it's hard to look at our skin... READ COMMENT

That sucks, but don't let it keep you inside all the time! I can't tell what you look like from these angles, but it's probably not as bad as you think and just remember that you'll be able to fix it eventually. In the meantime, maybe... READ COMMENT