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Hemifacial Microsomia. How Painful is the Correction Procedure? (photo)

I am 24 and my face started flattening on the left side since i was 13. my parents told me that it was cuz i applied a lot of pressure on the left side while i studied or... READ MORE

Can applying pressure over the face for a long period of time, bend the bone structure?

My mum says that my face got astmmetric cuz I used to sit literally the whole day during my teenage years with my face resting on my hand. and this went on for at least 5 years... READ MORE

Worried after my jaw implant surgery. The implant seems to have increased in size. Will it improve in time? (Photo)

I just got a jaw implant to correct my facial asymmetry . The surgery was done using my 3D CT scan graphs, a miniature jaw model (to get an idea of the deficiency) and multiple... READ MORE

Biopore implant tingling/numbness. Any suggestions?

I had a biopore implant in my left jaw about 19 months ago. By now most of the numbness or remaining tingling sensation was gone except for a very tiny part of my lower lip.... READ MORE

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hemifacial microsomia - biopore implant

Has anyone had a facial reconstructive surgery using biopore implants? I want to know the reviews and pros and cons if any. READ MORE

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Well I think braces is possible..but m talking more like pulling out my upper gums..cuz they r in..that would also mean pulling out my maxilla. the question this possible? ve started off my treatmemt n goin bak to ask him... READ COMMENT

Hey..I have an asymmetry too. can I see some pics? I am doing my ortho treatment now for TMJ + edge to edge. I decided not to go for surgery though for my lower jaw protrusion. do u think 5mm is too much if a protrusion? :/ READ COMMENT

Hey. just want to know what is your age? I am 25 and have an edge to edge too and I have brqces on for a month nowm I would realy want to pull my front tooth ahead rather than pushing them back so want to know if its posaible with my age! READ COMMENT

Wow! I like that hehe. but I heard there is also some permanent numbness on some part. do u have that? or turned out to be one of the lucky ones :) READ COMMENT

Hello! I was really happy to read your happiness filled journey and no regrets! gives me the positive vibes. I was wondering though what did u mean by jaw and chin reconstruction? I am going for a jaw implant and Gosh I wish I cud get... READ COMMENT