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Is It Even Noticeable? - Seoul, Korea

I just had genioplasty surgery done about 7 days ago (so there is still swelling) and I am upset because I feel like the difference isnt even noticeable... The doctor said he moved the bone out 4mm, but I'm starting to think that wasnt enough. Not sure if I should keep waiting for the swelling to go down (I think it will only get smaller though) or look for a revision before the bone heals... READ MORE

Questions from youngfreeguy

Can You Tell Me What Kinds of Procedures Would Be Good for my Nose? (photo)

I have been thinking about a nose job for so long. I know I have a deviated septum, but I also feel my nose is too big for my face. I am open to any suggestions, but if you... READ MORE

What to Do for my Chin? (photo)

I am planning on getting rhinoplasty already, but I am trying to decide what to do for my chin. A doctor told me from these picture that I have an overbite. I did have braces... READ MORE

How Long Before I Should Fix a Botched Geniplasty?

Just had genioplasty done about a week ago. I wanted my chin advanced because it was a little weak. After a week, there is still swelling, but it almost looks like he didnt... READ MORE

What Do You Think of These Results? (photo)

I had genioplasty done about a week ago (so there is still numbness and some swelling) and I wanted to see what doctors here think of the results. I feel like the change is... READ MORE

Do I Need Lasik?

Points: Glasses since HIgh school to read board Leaves in trees and signs are clearer with glasses, but only wear in class at school Tested in Japan for lasik They did a lot of... READ MORE

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This was at VIP Clinic with Dr. Lee. He is pretty famous in Korea for his noses which is why I picked them even though they are a bit pricier. READ COMMENT