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Dont Do It You Will Regret It - California, CA

I think i need a necklift now and even though i didnt want to have the procedure in the first place, my dr recommended it and he had good intentions , i see what he saw , but all i had to do was lose weight, i regret getting it done, and the beautiful blonde barbies that work upfront in my drs office were really obnoxious and unacceptably rude to me, im not sure if it was cause of the fact... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer #2 ... I Look More Like my Realself Now! Thank You! - San Diego, CA

I wanted to try the fat transfer again , and this time, I made sure I went to a Dr who is ethical, caring, and experienced. I was afraid he was going to put me under general like my first Dr. but Dr. Hilinski said he could do it under local and so off I went to see what he could do to repair my poor botched face. My Dr. was professional all the way, it did not hurt... READ MORE

A happy patient and a wonderful doctor - Los Angeles

After being told by a famous celebrity doctor that I was still swollen from my fat transfer surgery , which has been 8 months ago from that day, I was heartbroken and confused. I had been turned away and the doctor refused to treat me, this was not fair and something had to be going on to cause two doctors to look me in my haggard face and tell me that there was nothing wrong with me. I went... READ MORE

Warning : Fat Transfer Nightmare (Lower Eyelids)

I used to be so happy with myself , except for some wrinkling on my lower eyelids that I thought would be fixed by the fat transfer procedure. I went to a doctor that had great before and afters, but unfortunately, he did not tell me that i had any other options besides the fat transfer. Had i known about the other less risky dermal fillers , I would have opted for them and not the fat... READ MORE

Questions from Nothing2say2u

Applying Pressure to Fat Transfer Areas?

I came late for my post op follow up and the doctor was ticked off and made me wait another 30 minutes. When he finally came, he pressed down very firmly my lower eyelids... READ MORE

Sagging After Fat Transfer

What can be done about this sagging after a f/t surgery (1 year after). I have had fillers injected and they worked well but the loose saggy skin and wrinkles really age me and... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Lips? Does It Look Like a Lip Lift Was Done? (photo)

I had a fat transfer surgery to my face done back in 2009 (eyelids, temples, and lips) and after surgery my whole mouth area was too swollen to tell what my lips looked like,... READ MORE

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I had radiesse injected deep into and under my cheekbone area i made sure to show my doctor where i wanted it placed, if it is placed to superficially it would give my face chipmunk cheeks so my dr listened and he really impressed Me,... READ COMMENT

Omg i feel sick too after restylane but it goesaway after one day. I get nauseus but my mood improves when i see the result :) READ COMMENT

See i even said he had done a good job before he decided on damaging the fat by pushing on it with his God forsaken fingers READ COMMENT

Actually they have been harassing , impersonating, spreading lies and trying to retaliat against me already , they even made a yahoo answers account witn my full name (iam the only one alive with my name ) in order to ask dumb questions... READ COMMENT