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Questions from Vangirl

Lipo or Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 34 and have had 2 c-sections, I would like to get rid of the "shelf" above my c-section and the fat on my stomach and lovehandles. I need a procedure where there will be... READ MORE

3d Simulator for TT?

I have read that doctors are using 3d simulators for breast augmentation but is there such a thing for tummy tucks. Is there something that allows a person to see their before... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Minimal Muscle Tightening Done?

I am thinking of getting a skin only tummy tuck done. I realize that it would be most beneficial to get muscle repair done but I don't want to due to the long recovery time and... READ MORE

Lipo of Inner Thigh? (photo)

I don't like the bulkiness of my thighs. They have gotten bigger have after two babies and gaining between 40-50 pounds each pregnancy. I have stretch marks also. If I get lipo... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Taking the Birth Control Pill After TT?

I am having my TT in the second week of July. I stopped the pill on May 24th. I use the pill to regulate my monthly cycle. Can I start taking the pill right after my TT? If... READ MORE

What procedure would be best for my love handles? (Photo)

I had a full TT with no muscle repair 2 yrs ago. I was 159 lbs and lost 4 lbs with the TT. I am now 132 lbs and maintaining my weight. I am not happy with my love handles or... READ MORE

Discussions started by Vangirl

TT without muscle repair?

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and was hoping that I could get some feed back from people who have had tummy tucks without muscle repair.   A little info...I have had... READ MORE

Overnight stay in hospital....should I or shouldn't I?

I have my TT coming up in 11 days.  I have the option of staying overnight there or coming home the same day.  I have two kids...4 and 1.5 years old.  I... READ MORE

How much weight loss did you experience after your TT?

Just curious how much weight loss everyone experienced after their TT?  I know a TT is not done for weight loss purposes but I am curious. READ MORE

Skin still tight 3 weeks PO after TT with no MR

I had my TT with no muscle repair on July 10.  My skin still feels tight around the incision and around the flanks.  I know a lot of you have had MR but I is... READ MORE

Dog Ears

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have had or will be soon having their dog ears fixed.  I had my TT in July and  have dog ears on both sides... READ MORE

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AJ2: Glad you are loving your new tummy. Fingers crossed the numbness and swelling go away for us both soon. Mainemom: Good luck with your procedure on Friday. Please let me know how it went for you. I am going in next week. READ COMMENT

My healing is pretty good. I am still numb right under my bell button. I am getting my dog ears fixed next week FINALLY! Lipo to one side; skin extraction on the other side. I am nervous about the procedure a little bit but at the... READ COMMENT

I have lost 22 pounds since my surgery in July 2013. I lost 4 pounds during the TT and have lost the remaining pounds by limiting my calories to 1500-1600/day. I don't eat a lot of carbs and stick to protein. I give myself one day a... READ COMMENT

Hi ladies, just want to check in and see how everyone is doing? Are you still swelling or has it disappeared now? Are you still numb? READ COMMENT

I am not sure if my results are final and I am in my eighth month. I am super flat in the morning and by the end of the day I am swollen. Not a lot but the swelling is still there. I have not bought any jeans or pants because of the... READ COMMENT