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Yes, it was like a fog of pain lifted immediately. A medical person I casually spoke with told me it wasn't often that someone got immediate relief that fast because it's one of those medicines you have to build up to the therapeutic... READ COMMENT

I had severe anxiety the entire month until my new dr put me on Elavil. I was taking Xanax and it did not phase the anxiety and creepy crawlies I had. READ COMMENT

I am completely off Xanax now. I was slowly getting myself off it before I went to this new doctor because my dependency on it was getting to be psychological also. I went into a panic one day when I couldn't find my bottle that had... READ COMMENT

I am taking CoQ10, as a nutritionist told me to take it once when I was given 5 contrast MRI's within 4 months. No one told me how toxic contrast dye is and that I should never had had that many scheduled so closely together. That was... READ COMMENT

I have such good news today from my latest dr. visit. I found a doctor who is trained to treat headaches, migraines, chronic neck pain, upper thoracic pain, and muscle spasms. As soon as I explained my symptoms, side effects, and... READ COMMENT