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U shud go to lenox hill hospital look it up online if u want dey do a lot of reconstructive surgeries maybe u cud call n speak to a surgeon dere dat can help fix all ur scars etc READ COMMENT

Well i went to st barnabas er n told dem everythin dey said skin n butt looks good n soft dat dey dont think da pain in my butt is from it n dey saying dat maybe is a nerve because not only do i feel pain in my buttocks my legs dey like... READ COMMENT

How long were u in da hospital for? READ COMMENT

Im actually goin tommorrow to c dis surgeon who i called in manhattan n he wants to check men c wat hecud suggest to help me n send me to a nearby hospital READ COMMENT

Well im in nyc too im scared .. i get pain dat comes on n off last month it was so strong inone cheek dat i went to da er but never told dem wat i did i jus decided for dem to tell me wat dey think it was but mo infection n dey gave me... READ COMMENT