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Who has had butt implants with BBL at the same time? I need one

I had a awesome outcome (I think) with my tummy tuck after 3 kids and 3 c-sections not matter what I did I could not loose that flap. I would be done to 17 % body fat and had personal trainers but my muscles where so stretched it never got tight. So I decided after several years to get it done. I choose a great Doctor with a awesome history in my family with tummy tucks. He did great... READ MORE

Questions from Notdone

Will Butt Implants Get Rid of Dimples and Lumps on the Booty? (photo)

I had a BBL & TT and lipo 6 months ago,I am VERY disappointed with the BBL.My butt is uneven, lumpy and I DID NOT have dimples before.I was going to get " BBL round 2" so I... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Maintain Weight Gain for a BBL (Round2) Should I Get It Bigger Since I Will Loose Added Weight? (photo)

After gaining 11lb for BBL how long do I need to maintain lbs gained? I want to do my part and so DR can have success for my BBL round 2.I want get down to 135 ASAP after sx.... READ MORE

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Seems so scary the thought of drainless...My ignorance on drainless TT is just that because I have never heard of it. I only worry where is all the fluid that is used in every TT? and is that why your still so swollen because its in... READ COMMENT

Hmmm..Thats odd that Dr. P didnt just give you this white cream that my doctor gave me. It caused me to have a headache for 2o mins but I used it 3 xs a day for like 5 days and skin grew over and you could never tell I had necrosis.... READ COMMENT

Yeah, my Dr. warned me that it may happen because I have been around second hand smoke for years. Unfortunately, it did. I think I had to use the cream 2xs a day and for 5 days. The headache it gives was crrrazy! But before my eyes it... READ COMMENT

BTW My Dr. told me it would give me a headache but he also told me if I didnt use it my belly button would stay that way. Go ASAP to get treatment started!!!! you have to use 2 xs a day or they can fed ex to you maybe READ COMMENT

Yeah!!! There is a special cream they give you and its the craziest thing, your skin will grow back. I had to use it and although it gave me the most painful headache in my life it saved my belly button. That is def necrosis!!!! READ COMMENT