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Better Than a Face Lift - Longmont, CO

I'm 53 years old. 5 mos. ago I had fat transfer from my hips to my cheeks and around my eyes. It was definitely worth it, and much less invasive/expensive than a face lift. I had surgical tape across my cheeks for the first 10 days. Be prepared for about a month of noticeable redness and... READ MORE

One Day Post Surgery, Doing Well - Lafayette, CO

Hi everyone. I’m 53 years old. I had my breast augmentation yesterday morning. Saline, 260cc. My main reason for having this done is that my breasts were uneven. I had a tumor removed from my right breast years ago, and then my two daughters favored that breast when I was breast feeding, so it... READ MORE

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Hi Kooberry. No, unfortunately I didn't think of taking a photo before I had the procedure. I can tell you that I was pretty flat and lop-sided. I may try to see if my doctor can email me one of the photos that she took. READ COMMENT

Under the muscle. I thought it would feel weirder than it does. The muscle feels fine, just tight. Thanks for the feedback. READ COMMENT

I was a barely an A, and most of what I had was just because I did lots of weight lifting for my pecs. I'm looking forward to not having a big empty space at the top of my padded bra. Good luck with your surgery! READ COMMENT

I was nervous about taking a shower, but tried it and you're right, it felt great! READ COMMENT

Post-surgery day 3: I think yesterday was the worst of it. The medications caught up with me, and I got dizzy and nauseous for about 15 minutes. I was also stiffer – hard to move my arms out to the sides at all. Today everything seems... READ COMMENT