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Rhinoplasty to Fix a Small Problem?

I don't have alot wrong with my nose, but I just don't like it and whenever I see pics for it I end up feeling bad because my nose problems are not as serious as others I do... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Cost More or Less then Around $6,000-$7,000?

To make the nostrils and tip smaller would it cost less at all or even more? I know it depends on area and the surgeon, but I was told if you get little things done rather then... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Mixed People?

If you are mixed how would you know what type of Rhinoplasty to get/surgeon to go to? I am black mixed with asian and I am unsure of who to go to for surgery. Is it based on... READ MORE

Online Program to View my Nose from the Front?

My friend suggested I edit my nose before talking to a doctor about what I wanted because I had trouble explaining it even to her But I cant find one that does a front view? I... READ MORE

Would injections for a wide Asian nose be ideal?

There is a bump on my nose but it's because my nose goes down where the cartilage is so would I be able to build it up? And I heard that you could use the injections to change... READ MORE

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Oh noo! No please dont wake up during operation ): im sure it wont happen Maybe you should talk to them about it, it'll be alright though! READ COMMENT

Im so glad you found someone! Your eyes are really stunning! best of luck! READ COMMENT

Ah you may learn to like it, but for now don't worry, you will be ok and just have to wait until you are older And you will surely find a way because you will have a job so you can start saving up!xD It sounds like a lot but I am a few... READ COMMENT