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Pleasenomore - I do much of the same things you do - good diet and coconut oil (virgin, cold pressed & organic). My headaches are finally going away after a few weeks - they have slowly gotten better and better as my body adjusts to... READ COMMENT

Hi ellen - for your headaches, please see my previous post on what to change in your diet (go organic, stop eating sugar, dairy and gluten) - it WILL help with your headaches. It might get worse first as your body goes into die... READ COMMENT

The reason your headaches stay is due to your feeding "the beast" (candida, and putting other toxins in your body, continually overwhelming it). The reason the headaches go away after days, weeks, or months, is due to your body finally... READ COMMENT

Above: I'm also NOW under the care of a homeopath. :-) READ COMMENT

BTW I also had awful brain fog, and many other symptoms including my adrenal system shutting down, not being able to swallow, dry mouth (both of which are classic candida symptoms, btw), and also had massive digestive problems. ... READ COMMENT