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Vi Peel - Beverly Hills, CA

I got it during my rhinoplasty on my face, neck, chest, and hands. I loved it. My face is pretty much done peeling now and it looks really shiny and fresh. It did not hurt. it itched a little on my neck and chest. My face got brownish and crusty and peeled a lot but I liked that. I thought it would be stronger, honestly. I was wanting to do a TCA peel and I may do that another time, but this... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer/Grafting to Cheeks and Hollows of Eyes - Beverly Hills, CA

This has been really hard. I got really bruised and also it hurt a lot. I felt like there were little bugs in my face that I could not scratch out. I am really swollen and look like a cat. Everywhere i go people stare at me and make snide remarks behind my back. Hopefully, this will be worth it but it is taking forever for the swelling to go down. It hurts really bad to smile and laugh too... READ MORE

First Laser Hair Removal Treatment With Alexandrite 755nm - Boca Raton, FL

It has been a week since my first treatment with the alexandrite laser. The doctor told me that the hair would die and fall out naturally within 2 weeks. All the hair is ingrown in my legs and bikini and is not naturally falling out like i was expecting. It was kind of falling out in my underarms but not anymore. I am scheduled to come in about every 4-8 weeks for 10 sessions total. The... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Sun Damage, Age 24

Hello everyone! So far i have had 2 IPL treatments. I am 24 with some initial signs on sundamage. I have a couple sun spots under my eyes. Also, i have some redness from post acne and some active breakouts. After my first treatment, i broke out pretty bad in deep cyctic type pimples. I went to the derm and got some topical antibiotics(cleocin-T and sulfacetamide). My skin got really... READ MORE

Questions from schmie2

No Results from IPL?

I had 2 IPL treatments. I am 24 with some new signs of sun damage. I was trying to correct the sundamage as well as PIH marks (red in color). My skin is not very dry and flaky.... READ MORE

Treatments to Preserve Youthful Skin?

I am a 24 yr old female. I want to start taking care of my skin. Currently I use Retin-A micro at night and Glycolic acid during the day with a moisturizer and sunblock.I... READ MORE

Eliminating and Preventing Sun Damage

What are the best ways to prevent previously incurred sun damage from manifesting. I have had a lot of sun damage from being a child to about my late teens. I have avoided the... READ MORE

What Steps Can I Take to Keep my Skin Youthful and Healthy for As Long As Possible?

As of now, I use retin-a at night and an antioxidant serum during the day time with a sunblock. Are there any laser treatments that I can get done once a year or once every 6... READ MORE

Does Zinc Oxide Sunblock Need to Be Reapplied As Often As Chemical Sunscreens?

I use blue lizard for sensitive skin and the active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Since they are metals and reflect the UV rays instead of absorbing them,... READ MORE

IPL Results for Spot Treatment on Chest?

I got the rejuvelux IPL on several spots that had been bothering me on my chest.1 of the spots turned dark and flaked off but the others just stayed really dark and did not get... READ MORE

Will Retin-A Thin the Skin and Cause Broken Blood Vessels?

A dermatology P.A. told me that if I continue to use retin-a in a few years I will have broken blood vessels and really thin skin. Is there any truth to this. I have been using... READ MORE

Why Am I Losing my Hair!?

For the past four years it seems as though I am losing more than the "normal" amount of hair. I am actually scared to wash my hair for fear of seeing all the hair. I... READ MORE

Can a TCA Peel Get Rid of Sun Damage That Has Not Surfaced Yet?

I am getting a rhinoplasty in a few months and I want to do something to improve my skin as well. I am 26 and have a few light brown spots on my skin but my visia photo shows I... READ MORE

Retin-a and Dry Skin

I have been doing the recommended regimen of CeraVe cleanser,retin-a at night and glycolic acid serum with antioxidants during the day(Vivite). I have been doing this for over... READ MORE

Can Fish Oil Be Used Topically?

Can fish oil be used as a facial moisturizer? If so, will it cause breakouts? I assume since it is good as a supplement then why not for topical skin care? READ MORE

How Effective is Daily Sun Protection in Aging?

I have been wearing sunblock since the age of 18 and avoiding the sun (for the most part). I still look older than my peers who do not protect themselves. Is wearing sunblock... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Healing - Will the Shape Change?

I just had rhinoplasty. I am worried that chewing/eating, laughing, talking will change the intended shape of my new nose. Could this potentially happen? Several times my... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer and Cat Look?

I got facial fat grafting along with my rhinoplasty 11 days ago. I look like a cat and I am scared I will stay looking like this. I want my cheeks and eye hollows to be plumped... READ MORE

What is the Difference in Effectiveness of TCA Peel (30-35%) to a Vi Peel?

Is one more effective than the other? I was told the Vi peel was medium depth but I am hesitant to believe that. I had it done about 10 days ago and the process was not too far... READ MORE

Why Have I Not Been Taped After Rhinoplasty?

When I got my splint off the doctor or nurse did not tape me or instruct me to use tape. All of my friends that have rhinoplasty were instructed to tape.I did not think to ask... READ MORE

Dry, Sensitive Skin 3 Weeks After Vi Peel - Normal?

I had a Vi peel 3 weeks ago. I peeled nicely and my skin was really shiny, smooth, and moist 7 days post peel but now my skin has become dry all over and it feels rough. My... READ MORE

Will Secondhand Smoke 6 Weeks Post-op Affect Rhinoplasty Results?

I went out tonight with some friends to show off my new look. A girl was smoking right next to me and now my nose feels congested and sore. Could this exposure affect my long... READ MORE

Benefits of Light and Laser Treatments?

I am wondering if having IPLs or Fraxel or other treatments are beneficial to do even if you do not have the damage showing on your skin yet? For example, would it be smart to... READ MORE

IPL Treatment Series and Maintanance?

I want to receive a series of IPL treatments. I am 26 with moderate sun damage rating on the Visia skin analysis photos. If I get a series of 3-6 treatments, what is the... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: When Can IPL Treatments be Safely Performed?

I had a rhinoplasty and facial fat grafting 13 weeks ago. I have begun to notice broken blood vessels on and around my nose and would like to rid myself of them. When would it... READ MORE

How Long After a Rhinoplasty with Tip Work is the Tip Sensitive to Bumps, etc?

Today I was putting on an elastic headband and it snagged under my nose tip and pulled it up with it. It hurt and is still sore now, about 6 hours later. How likely is this to... READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils and Leaning Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I am almost 5 months post-op and my nostrils are still uneven and do not seem to be evening out. I am unhappy with it and am wondering what could have caused this and what are... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Vs. Retin-a?

I use retin-a but I find that my skin just looks drier, redder, and more irritated. There was a 6 month period where I did not use retin-a and was doing a series of 6 chemical... READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Vi Peel?

I had the Vi peel 6 months ago. My skin peeled for a week and looked great 7 days post peel, when all the skin had flaked off. About 2 weeks after that, my skin took a drastic... READ MORE

Damaged Skin Texture from Chemical Peel?

I had a Vi peel done 8 months ago. My skin peeled and then 2 weeks later the skin turned rough, dry, and scaly.It is still the same way.The skin texture has not gone back to... READ MORE

Recent comments from schmie2

No, all my hair did not fall out. My underarms and bikini did not respond too well. I have only had 3 treatments there though. On the other hand, my legs look 50% better but I am starting to notice the hair growing back more lately. ... READ COMMENT

Send me a private message and I will answer any questions you may have. I am no longer answering questions on this thread because I keep getting attacked. Thanks for understanding. READ COMMENT

I am no longer answering questions on this thread. If you want to ask specific questions, please send me a private message. Unfortunately, people on this website feel the need to constantly bash and judge me on not only my looks but... READ COMMENT

The blonde hair pictures are from before my surgery. I posted them for another person who suggested I dye my hair blonde. I told them I had already tried that and did not like it. READ COMMENT