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Filler, Other the Own Fat to Correct Liposuction Deformities?

I have deep creases on both legs just underneath my buttocks, it creates an illusion of a long butt.... Ideal is to fill it to even out the thigh, but I dont have enough of my... READ MORE

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Hi yes - I went to Dr. Coleman he fixed it - much better , but need to do more....... Will go after summer and hope that will be the end to the ordeal ....... READ COMMENT

Thank you very kaf123 Will read it now Posted a forum in liposuction section asking about other fillers which can be used if one does not have enough fat. Not much response. Interesting to know why fillers cant really do the job ? Is... READ COMMENT

Has anyone tried or has any info on other fillers other then own fat...... I think my problem is that I dont have enough fat as I have 2 deep folds underneath my buttocks READ COMMENT

My mother says; we pay for vanity, dont play with what God gifted you ! I say thank you, but common, if God gifted you with some badass gifts and a coalition of kind doctors who we are supposed to trust because they have given 7 years... READ COMMENT

I got scared when I saw the pictures above, I thought it was me ! I have the exact same thing. I have gone through "stem cell" injections by Dr. Nathan Newman B.H CA who said that the cells would grow and fill in the gaps. It just... READ COMMENT