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Is This the Correct Juvederm Placement?

So I had a consultation about juvederm for nasal lobial folds. I know the placement is usually right in them, but since a 100+ lb weightloss 8 years ago I have some loss of... READ MORE

If a Man Uses Latisse Will It Make Him Look Feminine?

I'm Italian, have full head of thick dark hair, good eyebrow thickness, but my top lashes have always been sparse, & are now thinner in my 30's, also bottom lashes are... READ MORE

Thinking of a Hair Transplant Just in Hairline, Does This Look Right?

Ok so I actually have quite a thick head of hair. No hint of a bald spot or problems anywhere except for the actual hairline. One side has receded ( not to mention more then... READ MORE

Did I Use Enough Botox?

So I don't have what I see most call " 11's " I have a "1 "? ( just one crease dead center between brows). So does this sound like enough was used? Last time they used 18,(... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Under Eye Bags?

I have some slight bags under my eyes, only visible with strong over head lights but I hate them. I don't really have lines, only when I smile big, but are there any actual OTC... READ MORE

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WOW, just exactly like you said. Look like yourself, & 10 years younger, only I think you might look even more then 10 years younger. READ COMMENT

Haha you're very welcome, & we do the same with my parents, but it's all true! I'm happy to tell you my parents mom in her 60's , & dad is over 70 ( he had us a bit late;) both look younger. My mom generally gets that she's about 50, &... READ COMMENT

I have to admit before seeing the photos I was a little skepticle, but dude they look great! Very Italian:) READ COMMENT

I just want to say that I went through all the photos prior to reading your posts. I am so sorry for the pain, & disappoint you're experiencing. That said you should know that I was going through your page because you're my moms age, &... READ COMMENT

Beautiful! Your close ups DO look like that of a teenager! You can see in both before, & after pics that you're naturally beautiful already☺️ READ COMMENT