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Is This the Correct Juvederm Placement?

So I had a consultation about juvederm for nasal lobial folds. I know the placement is usually right in them, but since a 100+ lb weightloss 8 years ago I have some loss of... READ MORE

If a Man Uses Latisse Will It Make Him Look Feminine?

I'm Italian, have full head of thick dark hair, good eyebrow thickness, but my top lashes have always been sparse, & are now thinner in my 30's, also bottom lashes are... READ MORE

Thinking of a Hair Transplant Just in Hairline, Does This Look Right?

Ok so I actually have quite a thick head of hair. No hint of a bald spot or problems anywhere except for the actual hairline. One side has receded ( not to mention more then... READ MORE

Did I Use Enough Botox?

So I don't have what I see most call " 11's " I have a "1 "? ( just one crease dead center between brows). So does this sound like enough was used? Last time they used 18,(... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Under Eye Bags?

I have some slight bags under my eyes, only visible with strong over head lights but I hate them. I don't really have lines, only when I smile big, but are there any actual OTC... READ MORE

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After going through your profile I just wanted to say that you look beautiful, & it makes me tremendously happy to see a woman that was able to make her outside match her inside. READ COMMENT

I think you are just a very petite, naturally on the smaller side girl/woman that is not used to seeing, & feeling any extra weight on your small frame. Do not worry, when you get the stunning results you've been searching for then you... READ COMMENT

WOW, just exactly like you said. Look like yourself, & 10 years younger, only I think you might look even more then 10 years younger. READ COMMENT

Haha you're very welcome, & we do the same with my parents, but it's all true! I'm happy to tell you my parents mom in her 60's , & dad is over 70 ( he had us a bit late;) both look younger. My mom generally gets that she's about 50, &... READ COMMENT

I have to admit before seeing the photos I was a little skepticle, but dude they look great! Very Italian:) READ COMMENT