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My Invisalign Journey! - Waukesha, WI

Well I am 37 years old & my husband paid for Invisalign for me for our 16th wedding anniversary. (How very sweet hey?) I was another case where my parents just couldn't afford braces for me when I was younger. I have 3 kids, 15, 10 & 7 and my youngest has Autism, I am a SAHM and I lead a busy life but I have always wanted to get my teeth fixed just couldn't pull it off financially til... READ MORE

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Ugh, insane INSANE INSANE. This was all supposed to be so easy. Braces...make our teeth straight & beautiful, easy right. :/ READ COMMENT

Which is EXACTLY why I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth despite multiple dentists telling me how 'impacted' they were & how they all needed to come out. Pfft...of course they hurt when they were coming in but they aren't impacted and the... READ COMMENT

I think the retainers helped push my wisdom teeth down a little bit which helped my bite because before my wisdom teeth were up higher than the rest of my molars so my wisdom teeth touched but my other molars weren't touching when I... READ COMMENT

Exactly! I'm a night clencher as well so I'm sure THAT doesn't help the situation either. Nothing you can really do about it though. :/ READ COMMENT

No not resolved although my bite problem IS better then it was with having my refinement trays covering my wisdom teeth. I wouldn't have jaw surgery either. I'd have a 2nd opinion somewhere else to see what else can be done for you. READ COMMENT