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My Nipples Are Completely Flat 3 Days Post Op. Will They Come Out when Implants Drop?

My nipples never stuck out much to begin with, but now they are flush with my areolas. They look terrible. Is this a common problem and can I expect them to ever look normal? I... READ MORE

Kicked in the Breast by Baby 5 Days Post Op and Still Feeling Light Headed when I Stand Up and Become Active?

I got kicked in the breast last night by my 4 mo. old baby following silicone implants (behind muscle) and mastopexy, 5 days post op. It hurt really badly and still does. I... READ MORE

Exactly How Limited Am I?

At 1 week post op mastopexy, submuscular silicone breast implants, how limited am I as far as lifting? Can I hold my 13lb. baby? I'm nervous to even lift a gallon of milk. I'm... READ MORE