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50 Year Old with Vertical Lip Lines - All Better Now

My vertical lip lines were driving me nuts - I've botoxed them in the past but to no avail. I drink from a water bottle with a straw (culprit). I went in to have them filled along with parts of my lower face. We used one tube of Juvaderm to address fine smile lines, a fine marionette line and the vertical lines. My doctor actually recommended filling the vermillion border of my lips to enhance... READ MORE

Great Treatment for Sun Damage And Melasma

I had this procedure done on my face, neck and chest after treating the entire area with 8% hydroquinone pads for a few weeks prior and after. I tell you, I loved it! It took a few weeks for the dark pigmentation to flake off, but my skin glowed for months after and I received many compliments. My doctor told me it's going to have to be a maintenance thing for me as I am an avid equestrian... READ MORE

Hoping This Begins to Address Skin Laxity, Fine Lines and Tone.

I'm going to have one of three microneedling with PRP treatments starting Tuesday, April 11. I'll also be having one BBL laser treatment to address the sun damage from last year later in the month - it's especially evident on my neck. I also have a scar from my cervical fusion last January I'm hoping the microneedling and laser will help lessen. I am 50 and these are my before photos in... READ MORE

Better Than Expected - Chicago, IL

I am trying to lighten dark spots on my face from melasma and the sun. I am too dark to have laser treatments. I have been using a prescription hydroquinone for about five weeks and it has been quite helpful. A friend and I went to have microdermabrasion and facials at a spa owned by her son in law. I had no idea what to expect as I have never had this type of treatment before... READ MORE

Finally Got the Courage and SO Worth It! - Grand Rapids, MI

I'm 46 and never had fillers -- only botox. I noticed my facial features changed quite dramatically in the past four years -- upper 1/3 loss of volume mainly. I was uncertain which filler would be best for what I wanted to achieve and decided to trust my doctors opinion. He offers three different fillers in his office. He said that he mainly noticed loss of volume in my cheeks and said... READ MORE

Questions from jinx342

Will microneedling cause micro tears in the skin rather than true "micro channels" and therefore be potentially harmful? (photo)

I am scheduled for my first microneedling with PRP session next week. I have had my consultation and know what to expect, however I read about individuals who've experienced... READ MORE

Does PRP permanently heal or is it that it speeds healing with contact dermatitis?

After a microneedling PRP procedure I applied my PRP to my upper eyelids which had developed dermatitis from eyelash extensions. By morning the rash was gone. I let the... READ MORE

Recent comments from jinx342

After reading some doctors answers about microneedling and my own research I am concerned that the derma pen and other small devices can actually cause "cat scratch" effect on the skin instead of the desired micro channels - so micro... READ COMMENT

I would like to mention that I have been rolling my face for about five weeks every three days with a .5mm roller to enhance product absorption. I have also been prepping with hydroquinone, retinol, Vit.C and niaciniamide, hyaluronic... READ COMMENT

Thank you! You look amazing! Good for you on the DIY microneedling- I do a little of that every three days for product enhancement at .5mm roller - love it. But now my __** is in need of a much more aggressive treatment with the... READ COMMENT

Oh and then it goes without saying SPF 50! READ COMMENT

It does take awhile tho - so you will need to use makeup for a bit. I found after 10 days a warm wash cloth after the shower was the best way to get the remainder of the deepest dark ones off - congratulations on your new skin! READ COMMENT