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3 months post op of Accutane, can I have Laser Hair Removal?

Hello i was wandering if i could have laser hair removal 3 months after accutane.My doctor said i can have it 3 months after accutane is finished.I was wondering if this is... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal with Candella Gentleyag and Broke out Why? How Do I Stop It from Happening Again?

Hello I had laser about 5 months ago.I had oily skin.As soon as I started laser hair removal I broke out with pus filled spots all over my face. I want to start laser hair... READ MORE

Why Have I Got Sunken Eyes, What is the Cause?

Hello in the recent months i have developed hollow sunken eyes.It makes me look tired and ill.I was on a mild 20mg-40mg course of accutane for 5 1/2 months and i started... READ MORE

I Have These Red Marks on my Face What Are They? (photo)

Hello i have been overly depressed last couple of months not knowing what is on my face.I have these red marks along with a couple spots else were on my face mainly zits... READ MORE

Cumilitive Dosage of Accutane?

Hey im considering going on a course of accutane for up too a year on a low dose of accutane. Will this cure my persistent oily acne and will side effects be minimum.Please help. READ MORE

Accutane and Tear Troughs?

Hey ever since i took accutane even though it was hardly classed as high dose and i didnt achieve a high enough cumilitive dosage.I have had many side effects which iam trying... READ MORE

Accutane and Sensitivity/skin Thinning?

Hello i have been on two courses of accutane on which i never reached the cumulative dosage not even close too it.Now i am considering taking a full cumulative dosage but i am... READ MORE

Possible Tear Trough ? Aged 19 Very Depressed and Would Like Some Advice Before I Make Any Brash Decisions. (Pics Attached)

Hello i have developed what looks like tear troughs or lines i dont know what too call them but they make me look old and horrible.I have been up and down in weight quiet alot... READ MORE