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Continued Numbness from Restylane Injection?

I had about 3cc of restylane injected into my cheek approximately a week ago overseas. Right after the injection, I felt numbness from mid temple to upper lip, all on the left... READ MORE

After Double Eyelid Suture Removed, Original Crease Disappeared?

I had double eyelid sewing 2 weeks ago though i already had natural double eyelids, to make creases higher. I was unhappy with it so he removed the sutures 1 week ago. But so... READ MORE

Rib cartilage already reabsorbs in nose? not even 1 week post op?

I just had rib cartilage revision rhinoplasty close to 1 week post op. Before this, i have a portion of rib cartilage already in my nose. Doctor has now inserted a new piece of... READ MORE

Surgical scar below breast, tried medlite c6 laser to no avail, can scar revision surgery help improve it?

I have a scar about 6cm, after 3 surgeries at the exact same location, over a period of 3 years. This is right below my right breast. As my breast is small, it cant be... READ MORE

Permanent skin (around scar) darkening after hydroquinone 4%? (Photo)

I applied obagi clear - hydroquinone 4% onto my surgery scars 3 separate times in 2 days. However, after 2/3 days, i found the surrounding perimeter of the scar becomes... READ MORE