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Mom of Two Needs a New Body

Hi all, I'm 29 asian petite 5'1 and 110 pounds. After losing weight from pregnant I got saggy skin on my tummy. I have researched a studied how tummy tuck done and finally I made decision. I went to consulation with Dr Beck at Foster City. He is very professional and gave me all clearly answers that I asked. I felt so comfortable over there with him and his staff. I can't wait to see my new... READ MORE

Questions from sunnytrinh

Tummy tuck pain level?

Hi everyone, I'm 29, mother of two. I have belly fat and extra saggy skin that have been bothering since my first child born. Now I want to get a full tummy tuck but after... READ MORE

Can I take antibiotics before mommy makeover?

Hi, I'm having mommy makeover on Wednesday Feb 15. Can I take AZO urinary pain relief? READ MORE

When can I start taking pineapple or pineapple juice after mommy makover?

I just got tummy tuck 2 days ago and my body starts swelling. I have heard about pineapple or pineapple juice can help reduce swelling. READ MORE

Feeling tight after 2 weeks post BA, is this normal?

I got 320 cc texture silicone implants 2 weeks post. After surgery day i felt better day by day. But till today, my breasts feel tighter. I wonder what is wrong with them? I'm... READ MORE

Swelling on the end of day?

Hi, I'm 4 weeks post full Tummy tuck with mucsle repair. After active days I feel swelling and tight on top of my belly button. I'm still wearing compression at nighttime and... READ MORE

Swelling or muscle repair failure? (Photos)

I'm 6 weeks post full tummy tuck. After back to daily activity at week 3 I started to notice my upper tummy bigger than the lower one. I went to see my surgeon and he said I'm... READ MORE

How long for texture implants settle? (photo)

I got 320 cc texture tearshape gummy bear implants 7 weeks ago. I wonder when are they finally settle. Do I need to go braless or massage to hepl them drop faster? Thank you READ MORE

What kind of treatment for white bumps arounds my eyes? (photo)

I have had these white pumps around my eyes since I was in high school. At first there was some little pumps but by time they have spreading more and more. I wonder what kind... READ MORE

Recent comments from sunnytrinh

Hi, i have bulge on top of belly button too. My dr said it's from muscle repaired. I'm still waiting for another couple months. People say sometime final result take a year. READ COMMENT

Have you tried Spanx tank top. It works good on my. I feel so comfortable with it READ COMMENT

Yep. I'm back to normal lifestyle except the gym. I'm going to see my dr next week for a check up and hope he will give me "ok" for the gym. Also I have noticed that I get tired quickly and swelling appears after long day active. READ COMMENT

Hi, the bump is still there, dr said it's from muscle repair and take while for it going away. I still feel tight and swollen after high active day but not as bad as before. READ COMMENT

I'm on 10 weeks now and they have dropping little. Definitely don't fluff at all. I heard that they take from 3-6 months for final result. I'm still hoping. READ COMMENT