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Botox Does the Job

Botox is very painful when they stick the needle through to your muscle. It makes a cracking sound. My RN was thorough and very symetrical. My forehead was frozen for a good 9 months. I don't know if I'll do it again because I don't like needles and now I have bangs so I can hide my forehead. I do recommend it for those who have deep wrinkled brows. READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty Done Twice by 2 Different Docs

I had my first rhinoplasty done 23 years ago. The doc did a very bad job. I was left with one side collapsed and scarred. I had it done again by a Hollywood doc 6 years later who fixed my nose properly. It isn't perfect, but I still don't look like the elephant man. I would recommend this surgery with a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty only. Research your doc before going under the knife!!! READ MORE

Had Good Skin to Begin with So It Didn't Make Much Difference

I purchased a package of 5 FotoFacials & 5 Microdermabrasions. But, even at 37, I had good skin to begin with. So I didn't see much improvement. My husband had it done, too. He had acne scars and oily skin and it really made a huge difference. I would only recommend if you have bad skin to begin with. READ MORE

I had read that this VelaShape decreases cellulite. - Don't Waste Your Money - Redondo Beach, CA

I had read that this VelaShape decreases cellulite and circumference due to skin tightening. I thought I would try it first on a small area to see if it actually worked. The RN holds the VelaShape machine on my double chin. It feels like a Hoover vacuum, but the RN tells me that it also has a laser. I had some slight bruising that went away in about 3 days, but no decrease in fat or skin... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Made Me Look Worst

I had read that small amounts of fat could be melted with Mesotherapy. I had a very small double chin I wanted to get rid of. After applying some numbing cream, the RN pulled the fat under my chin and injected this meso. I don't know which hurt more, the injection or her pulling my fat so much. It swelled up like a balloon for 3 days and was bruised for more than a week. Now my chin fat is... READ MORE

Expensive, but Worth It

I had the new custom LASIK surgery. I can now see better than when I wore my contact lenses. I used the best surgeon, the same as advertised that Tiger Woods used. I then referred my friend and my sister to the same surgeon. They also both had excellent results. I also have no halos at night like other patients have had. I'm very pleased with the results and only wished I had done it sooner. :) READ MORE