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Can I Make my Long Face Appear Shorter by Shortening my Nose and Chin or Possibly a Fat Graft?

I have a long face but i was wondering if there are things i can do to either make my face look more oval or square with good overall balance. My question is: can i shorten my... READ MORE

If You Shorten a Nose Do You Also Need to Also Extend the Philtrum? (photo)

Hello there, i had a long midface/nose, i was wondering how you actually shorten a nose if the philtrum only reaches the nostril i have included a picture of a women who has... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Make a Long Face Look Shorter and Possibly Wider? (photo)

I have a long face and also long features that accompany it like nose and chin. my question is what can you do about a long nose/long midface to make it appear shorter? also is... READ MORE

Apart from Nasal Tip Surgery Can You Shorten a Long Nose? (photo)

I know nasal tip surgery can create the illusion of a shorter nose, but is there actually any other way of shortening a nose by the means of actually cutting out bone in the... READ MORE

If Someone Has a Long Nose/long Midface Will He Need Other Changes Apart from the Nose? (photo)

I believe in some cases people will have a very long midface and they'll just think it's just a big nose, if they do ask for a nose job will the plastic surgeon let them know... READ MORE

Do People with Long Midfaces Often Get Fillers, Implants and Reductions?

Are they the standard makeovers used by a plastic surgeons to make a face look rounder and to make the nose look shorter? Is the whole process more of an illusion? what would... READ MORE

Are Jaw Implants Safe and How Long Do They Last?

I'm currently booked to see a plastic surgeon but i suspect he will recommend implants with other makeovers to balance my long midface, also the other thing I'm hearing about... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Size of a Long Hook Nose? (photo)

I have what many call an aquiline/hook nose, it's very long with with a drooping tip and bump on the bridge. I am aware of nasal tip rotation and tip projection, but can i also... READ MORE

My Nose Has a Lot of Nostril Exposure, Can I Fix This? (photo)

I notice i have a lot of nostril exposure especially on one nostril. in which circumstances does a surgeon consider trimming/removing the nasal spine? ideally i want a nose... READ MORE

Can a Hanging Columella Make a Nose Look Longer? (photo)

I have a hanging columella and was just wondering how my face could improve if i got it fixed. I was wondering if a hanging columella can make a nose look longer and also make... READ MORE

Will Removing a Hump from a Long Nose Make It Look Even Longer? (photo)

I was just wondering if i remove the hump from my long nose will it look even longer? READ MORE

Will Shortening my Nose Make my Midface Look Smaller? (photo)

I really want to shorten my nose but also i want my midface to look smaller, can you tell me if shortening the nose will create this effect? also what are the limits to... READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Length of my Really Long Nose? (photo)

I really want to reduce the vertical length of my nose and was wondering if this is possible and if so whats the limit in terms of shortening? furthermore which techniques are... READ MORE

Are Cheek and Jaw Implants Effective at Filling out a Long Narrow Face?

I have a long narrow face, including a long midface/nose...i was wondering if Jaw and Cheek implants would work well to bring balance to my face. READ MORE

Can You Raise the Base of the Nose Above the Philtrum if the Nose is Very Long?

I have a very long nose which i feel is far too big, i feel that tip rotation would be very limited in reducing the vertical length of my nose. are there any other options that... READ MORE

Tethered Lip Due to Large Nasal Spine VS Hanging Columella? (photo)

Which patient can expect greater upper lip gains after they've corrected these issues? READ MORE

I Have a Long Nose with an Overprojected/droopy Tip with a Hanging Columella and a Big Dorsum Hump, Can I Fix All This?

I have many issues with my nose, i fear my surgeon will not address all these issues to his maximum potential due to the time and effort needed, are these procedures performed... READ MORE

I Can't Pull the Back End of my Hanging Columella Up, Something Hard is Right Under the Skin, is This the Nasal Spine? (photo)

Is it possible that a large nasal spine is causing my hanging columella? i don't have a tethered upper lip. I've included a picture i found but have drawn lines representing... READ MORE

Can You Reduce the Verticle Length of the Alar Wing?

When looking at my long nose and pushing my drooping tip up i noticed that a lot of the vertical length comes from the area where the alar wing connects to the cheek, when i... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Large Prominent Nasal Spine Without a Tethered Upper Lip? (photo)

If so will removing/reducing it shorten the vertical height of the nose and maybe give you a longer upper lip? READ MORE

Can You Raise the Starting Point of Where the Nostil Meets the Cheek? (photo)

If a nose is long and requires shortening can you also shorten the nostrils vertically. If so what are the options? Cutting or pulling back/reshaping? READ MORE