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49 Years Old, Male, Eye Bags - Harrison, NY

I had a lower eyelid blef 3 1/2 years ago and was never pleased with the left over bags. Recently I started looking for reviews and things to try and ended up getting a consultation with Dr. James Gordon. Doctor Gordon reviewed the eye bags and recommended I do a filler injection. We did 2 sessions using Restalyne-L. Although I could not see much results on the first one, 3 weeks later on... READ MORE

Questions from geek

Lump or Cyst After Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty? (photo)

Had surgery done July 16, today is August 25. So it's been almost around 6 weeks. Doctor told me that I need to massage area rigorously, right eye is lump is prominent, left... READ MORE

Erythema After CO2 Laser Resurfacing? Can I Use Hydrocortisone 1%? (photo)

I'm 46, today is 3 weeks since I had this procedure done. Doctor was more aggressive in the chicks for my acne scars. Everything was going very well, was very burned/red, skin... READ MORE

CO2 Laser face resurfacing - Is it ok to get it done more than once? Laser machine name: "SmartXide2 C40".

I'm 49, male. I had this procedure done Jan 2013. I was pleased with the results and it improved my acne scars. Machine used: "SmartXide2 C40". I see different opinions that... READ MORE

PRP treatment and then CO2 laser treatment 1 week later

My friend asked me to post this. He is 48 and considering a PRP procedure (injections, not micro-needling). Then 1 week later getting a full face CO2 laser treatment with... READ MORE

PRP injections (face) and CO2 laser face resurfacing with different doctors. Which procedure is better to get first?

My friend contemplating these 2 procedures but the plastic surgeon that will do the PRP injections does not offer CO2 laser, so he's getting CO2 laser at a different... READ MORE

Acne scars, subcision and/or fillers? (Photo)

Male, 49, Hispanic ethnicity. CO2 ablative laser 3 years ago and 2nd 3 months ago w/PRP. Scars improved after each treatment and during the swelling the skin surface looked... READ MORE

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How much is this type of surgery? READ COMMENT

Yeah, here's from their web site: "Immediately prior to application, a platelet activator/agonist (topical bovine thrombin and 10% calcium chloride) is added to activate the clotting cascade, producing a platelet gel. The whole process... READ COMMENT

Thanks man. The reason why I wouldn't think he is including ACell is because of its price, I did read somewhere that it is not cheap, so this would add to his cost. There's a doctor in NY who charges around $5k JUST for a treatment of... READ COMMENT

Following your progress CaliD3. I've been thinking about a 2nd FUE in Turkey and this doctor may be my final choice if I decide and take the plunge. Do you happen to know if he used any Acell along with the PRP or just PRP alone? He... READ COMMENT

Can you post pre-post pictures? How much is such a surgery? READ COMMENT