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Lower Facelift

I'm in my mid 40's and decided this is what I would like to do. More of a maintenance procedure, have looked at and carefully evaluated non invasive procedures for the lower face and jowl area and decided the results from surgery speak for themselves. The procedure will take approx. 4 hours and will be done under sedation with an Anaesthetist present. I'm happy about it as I would prefer not... READ MORE

Botox, Chemical Brow Lift - Johannesburg, South Africa

Have been doing this for 3 years, injections along the brow line to minimally lift the brow. Did procedure 4 times in first year, now every 6 months or so. Even when the Botox starts to wear off, There are no perceptible lines on forehead or frown lines. I highly recommend this procedure, however choose who does your injections carefully, and don't overdo it, when overdone, looks unnatural. READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Johannesburg, South Africa

Had Titan on my face about 4 years ago, had absolutely zero perceptible result whatsoever. The practitioner did before and immediate after photos, the after photos did look minimally better, but think this was due to irritation and minor swelling at the time. Rather save up for a face lift, research your Doctor well, check his qualifications and get in touch with a few of his patients with his... READ MORE

Juvederm in Tear Trough - South Africa

I'm 41, had Juvederm injected into tear trough area today for volume loss due to the relentless ageing process :) There was minimal discomfort during the procedure. So far, the result is subtle, there is some minor bruising on left side (I do bruise easily), with some concealer it is completely imperceptible. Have a follow in scheduled in 10- 14 days to check the results and possible top up... READ MORE

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Mini facelift? (Photo)

I'm 45 years old, with good skin however am increasingly disliking vertical lines in cheeks and jowls. Eyes, upper cheeks and forehead currently okay. I believe a mini lift... READ MORE

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Thank you! Looked at incisions today & nice and tidy. Just getting impatient with being cooped up at home for sooooo long. Teenage boys are a menace.... Then there is my husband that thinks I look like a praying mantis :) READ COMMENT

Cameron C, please cite some PUBLISHED peer reviewed medical articles that support your statement that women are "literally dying" from implant complications. I'm fascinated to see them. Glibly comparing a mastectomy (breast cancer... READ COMMENT

PS: excuse the many typo's, can't blame painkillers anymore, just carelessness! READ COMMENT

Hope you're feeling much better. Had to laugh at you comment about way to Hub's heart being between 4th & 5th rib! You do have a way with words xxx READ COMMENT

Thank you! Felt excited when I took a sneak peak READ COMMENT