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Upper and Lower Abdomen - Bedford, Nova Scotia

I'm 5'2" and swing in the low-to-mid 120s. I hit the gym 6 times a week for a combo of spinning and serious toning workouts and eat a very good diet (with treats on weekends). Nothing has taken away my muffin top. I've had it all my life and hate it beyond words. Even when I was a skinny-minny teenager I had this pooch. I was thrilled to learn about CoolSculpting b/c there was no way I'd go... READ MORE

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I had very little pain, just a deep soreness as if I'd done a ton of crunches. But I do mean a TON OF CRUNCHES. I was really sore. I couldn't bend over from the waist sore--I had to kneel down to feed the cats, I couldn't just bend over... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your experience and words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. I'd hate to think I spent this much money for nothing. I'll keep drinking my water and will try to be patient. READ COMMENT

I had two done: my upper and lower abs. Small applicator on the lower, large on the upper. I keep wondering if results are happening that I just can't see because I look every day. But my pants still fit exactly the same, so I don't... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the encouragement. This will sound really stupid, but I'm worried that my lack of trouble with the procedure may mean I won't get the greatest results. I had some discomfort afterwards, but nothing like what others have gone... READ COMMENT

I will be at the 5-week mark this week, and I'm not seeing any results. Did the results happen gradually for you, or did it happen all at once? Right now I'm a bit disappointed and worried that this won't work for me. READ COMMENT