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Dramatic Positive Results from Chin/neck Liposuction/ Smartlipo Triplex - Los Angeles, CA

I am a kind of girl who does lots of researches about procedures before I put myself out for cosmetic surgery. For the smart lipo, I called & checked if the office actually has that model because there's any huge difference between 1st-4th generations smart lipo machines. Call me paranoid but it's my face and I wanted to make sure everything's going smooth & of course I wanted the... READ MORE

No Wings Anatomic Chin Implant & Smart Lipo Triplex @ Sub-mental & Jawline Areas - Los Angeles, CA

I just had the procedures done yesterday. The morning started out w/ the nurse putting in my IV line. Then I was escorted to the operating room. I drifted out so I didn't feel any pain when he numbed & cut me. I can hear and sense every tugging but I didn't feel any pain. It took probably an hr w/ another hr in recovery. The implant they used is Hanson's style 5 ( SCH5-4) which is a large... READ MORE

Outstanding Dr. for a Lower Bleph /eye Bag Treatment Without the Big Cost

Pros- NO visible scars. Canthopexy prevents ectropion. Excess skin removal get rid of wrinkles & smooth out the hollow appearance. Fat reposition filled out the deep tear troughs. Absolutely No pain during or after procedures Cons- Temporary redness, swelling on face & eyes Outcome- More than thrilled! Now that I'm 17 days post-op, most of the swelling & bruising went away.... READ MORE

Questions from BunnyHunny

Lower Eyelid Surgery: Transconjunctival Bleph with Canthopexy & Excess Skin Removal? (photo)

My PS recommends transconj bleph ( fat repositioning) w/ canthopexy & excess skin removal for me. I have the bags, deep tear troughs & excess skin on my lower eyelids.... READ MORE

Does my Bottom Lids Look Like It's Turning Outward? I Had a Lower Bleph W/ Canthopexy & Skin Excised 1 Month Ago? (photo)

I'm a bit worry because it didn't look like like that a week ago. It looks "fleshy". I have to fill the spaces by penciled in the inner lids with my eyeliner READ MORE

What Kind of Neck Lift Procedure Do I Need? (photo)

Do I need a lipo/ lipo w/ skin removal/ muscle tightening/ or all 3? Would a lipo w/ a chin implant a better option? I want a smoother neck with a stronger jawline. Thanks READ MORE

Smartlipo Vs Lipodissolve for Double Chin?

I thought Smartlipo was way to get rid of my double chin and with the chin implant it will give me a better profile. But after reading through all the comments, now I'm not... READ MORE

Would a Short/button Chin Implant Give Vertical Height to my Short Chin? Or Is the Flower Mandibular Glove the Only One? (photo)

What I really want is some height to my chin since my face is too round. Is that possible w button style implant? Would placing it lower on the jawline work? Please advise... READ MORE

Chin Implant 7 Days Post Op- Swelling or Complications? (photo)

Hi, I just had chin implant w/ lipo a week ago and everything was going well until today. After the band-aid & stitches came off, I noticed I have a large round hard ball... READ MORE

Why Does the Chin Implant Gives Me a a Deep Jowl at the Corner of my Mouth Which I Didn't Have Before? (photo)

I had a large central chin implant without the wings a month ago. It was placed externally underneath my chin. My doctor was trying to give me a longer chin per my request so I... READ MORE

Recent comments from BunnyHunny

I just posted up my pics. Yes my dr placed in a large no wings implant. I guess my chin is too wide. To make it blended into the jawline better instead of a cliff off , he had to use a large. I have a stronger jawline now. My right... READ COMMENT

Bruising wasnt bad all. I just had yellow discoloration around 5-7 days. The swelling behind the chin was what bothered me the most. I looked odd from the side view. .big cliff from jawline to chin. It took over 3 months for that too... READ COMMENT

You look better! I actually had more bruising than yours. By the 2nd-3rd week, it should be gone. I got mine 3 weeks ago and now most of the swelling has gone away. I still have the tenderness from the neck lipo. There's still a bit of... READ COMMENT

I really think you look better now than before. Your chin implant gives you a more balance oval shape face whereas before you have a very round face. Your nose doesn't even look bad, not like the way you described. In fact, it doesn't... READ COMMENT

I was considering smartlipo for my neck/chin area until I saw this post. I really thought laser lipo was the way to go. Many doctors claim it will tighten the skin. Thanks for the valuable info. READ COMMENT