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Congratulation. You look absolutely stunning. I'm really impressed. READ COMMENT

Looking good. Good luck with recovery READ COMMENT

Hi Gipsy, I am trying for the last 2 weeks to get back from my emails with zero result. Was it easy for you to book this surgery? I spoke briefly with Lyn over the phone but my emails seems that will never get answered. READ COMMENT

Thanks Gipsy. I will give them a call tomorrow and make an app. The price of everything is reasonable. I'm glad you feel good . Are you still taking pain med? Are you still at the hotel or returned home? READ COMMENT

I am as well so sorry to hear that you have hard time recovering. Not having the result you were looking for it even more hurtful. I hope Dr Salama will man up and offer you a second round for free. Until then I wish you good luck.... READ COMMENT