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Had 7 lbs Removed with a free nipple graft - Fort Worth, TX

I am 33. I have had all my children. I have an 8 year old and twin 4 year olds. It was important to me to be able to nurse my children and I did so for all 3 of them. Now I am ready to do this surgery for me. I am a 38K cup. Last Sept 2011 I weighed 258lbs and I was overflowing the Kcup, but it was the largest I could find. Last January I got VERY sick with a mastitis infection (I was not... READ MORE

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Don't all BR require a lift as well?

I am having my BR surgery in October.  I just assumed in order to have a reduction there would also be lifting involved.  Is this not always the case?  I will be... READ MORE

Anyone ever have ribcage pain?

I think it's from exercising and my sports bra.  I think the movement has pulled on my ribcage so badly that something is out of place.  It hurts SO bad and I am... READ MORE

Really Scared about the FNG - I don't want to loose my nipples completely

I have my surgery in 12 days and counting.  I will be going from a K cup to a C or D cup.  I have to have a free nipple graft (FNG) because it is difficult to move... READ MORE

Mammogram came back Abnormal

I had a Mammogram about 2 weeks ago that came back abnormal.  They had me come back in to do an ultrasound.  The Dr. said it looks like a Fibro Adenoma which is a... READ MORE

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That's probably been the hardest part for me. My husband no longer has any interest in them :'( Makes me wish I hadn't done it. READ COMMENT

I'm 34 and I didn't have much problem waking u. I had issues with the morphine and the pain meds causing more problems than helping. I would figure with her being younger that she will bounce back much easier. READ COMMENT

It all depends on the measurements. My PS as well as the others I saw said I needed one and that there was a bad risk of loosing blood supply if I did an attached breast reduction. So in my case the FNG was necessary. It has it's... READ COMMENT

I had a very bad mastitis infection in my left breast at the beginning of the year resulting in surgery and a huge gaping wound under my breast. My hubby and I went 4 months with no physical activity. It took him several months after... READ COMMENT

My incision is puckered too. My doc said it looks good and is not keyloids (sp?). The outside heals faster than the inside, so until it get more healed I think it remains lumpy. I'm SO ready to have my whiskers out. I have one... READ COMMENT