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Questions from Kathy in NC

Is 100 Cc Enough to Go Down a Cup Size?

I', 5'6" and 122lbs my implants are 360cc , I have a small frame so I would like to go down a cup size. Do you think 100cc will make enough of a difference. I know that I don't... READ MORE

How Can I Decide on What Size Implant to Get, I Need Help?

I first got silicone breast implants @20yrs ago. They were great, I was a full b cup and I was very happy with them. In 2011 I removed them due to a rupture. I did not know... READ MORE

Breast Revision I Need to Go Smaller, but I'm Not Sure How Much? (photo)

Back in 2011 I had 360cc and they were huge. So I had them reduced to the 275cc Diff 85cc. I'm still not comfortable with them and I am scheduled for surgery at the end of this... READ MORE

Will a horizontal rake line on my face subside overtime or will I need a revision?

I had a facelift 6 weeks ago, there seems to be a horizontal rake line that runs across that side of my face. It is basically above the jaw bone and it is a bit below my mouth.... READ MORE

Will I need a facelift revision to correct asymmetry? (photos)

I had a facelift 2 months ago and I do realize that I am still in the healing process. I seem to have a lot of asymmetry still. As you can see my face has a pleat line by the... READ MORE

What are the causes of asymmetry after a Facelift? My right side had a hematoma which had healed nicely, that side is fine.

What are the causes of asymmetry and should I be concerned? The right side of my face had a hematoma and hashealed. It's my left side that appears a bit swollen and larger than... READ MORE

What can be done to correct indent under cheek after facelift? It looks hollow. (Photo)

One side of my face appears much tighter and there is an indent under my cheek. Also that side (left) is a bit larger. Im thinking I might need a revision in a few months but... READ MORE

It's been 1 year since my facelift, I still have issues. What is needed to correct this? Will juvederm help? (Photo)

Its's been a year since my facelift and I still have the same issues that I noticed immediately after surgery. My left side of my face seems different than the right. Not sure... READ MORE

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i'm planning on having my implants removed 360cc and replaced with 260cc my doctor says I should use a hgih profile implants.

I'm not sure if that is the best choice.  I', 5'6" and 120lbs.  Would a moderate profile be better? READ MORE

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I had a similiar problem I originally had implants back in 1991 and I did not know what size they were. Well after 3 more surgeries I finally got it right. What size cup are you know? Do you have silicone? DId you try the rice... READ COMMENT

Pre BA I was a full 34B, I had was fine with my size until I breastfed my children, then they disappeared. 275cc made me a full C cup. I looked unnatural which is why I was partial to wearing black shirts, to conceal them. I guess I... READ COMMENT

Hi Jayde, I did not think I had a lot of breast tissue, due to breastfeeding; although I thought when I got my new implants I would be a bit smaller. Maybe it was because of the high profile. Do you feel that your size is right or... READ COMMENT

That's great that the surgery was so painless for you. I'm glad your happy and you look amazing. I can not wait to downsize. I have rescheduled my surgery for early June. I can not go through another summer with these. READ COMMENT

My ps only uses the HP. I'm curious what does too narrow mean in the diamter? How did you measure? I know my ribcage is 30. I still can't believe that you did under local.... You really look great. READ COMMENT