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Liposuction to Flanks and TT Scar Revision - Melbourne, AU

Several years back I had a tummy tuck completed by Dr Richard Bloom which I was thrilled with the results (you can check out my seperate review on that). Unfortunately a small part of my scar in the centre didn't heal well, and after waiting a couple of years for it to heal, I decided to get it revised. At the same time I decided to have some additional liposuction on my flanks (love... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Liposuction to Flanks (Love Handles). Melbourne, Australia

I had a small amount of fat on my flanks (love handles) that I just could not shift - despite a good diet and exercise. I went to see Dr Bloom, who did my abdominal plasty (tummy tuck) a few years back. I have had liposuction before to other parts of my body (chests & abdomen), so I was prepared for what the procedure and recovery would be like. The procedure on the day went very well, Dr... READ MORE

The Final Step to a 2 Year Transformation! - Melbourne, Australia

2 years ago I weighed 110kg (at 5ft11"), so overweight! I decided to change my life and kicked off a 'transformation' which included getting a personal trainer, going on a low calorie diet and at a later stage getting Liposuction for Gynecomastia (man boobs). Now at 80kg and 13% body fat, I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and loving life - but after losing 30kg I have excess... READ MORE

Questions from npkd

Should I Wax my Stomach Hair Prior to a (Male) Tummy Tuck?

Simply question: I am having my (male) tummy tuck in two weeks. Should I wax/shave the stomach/lower abdomen prior to the procedure? READ MORE

Any risk of implants rupturing/exploding or complications when doing squats/weight lifting?

Considering butt implants with fat grafting. Generally work out 3-4 times a week, any risk of implants rupturing / exploding or complications when doing squats/weight lifting? READ MORE

Butt implants - specialist surgeons in Melbourne?

Considering butt implants with fat grafting - would love any recommendations of Victoria plastic surgeons with experience in this procedure. READ MORE

Recommendation for Pec Implant Doctor in Melbourne, Australia?

I am looking to have a Pec Implant (singular) to correct asymmetry of my chest. Struggling to find much choice in Melbourne, Australia of surgeons who specialise or have... READ MORE

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I am so sorry to hear about your experience - I read your entire blog start to finish and just wanted to give you a hug! Hope things have improved. All the best for 2014! READ COMMENT

Hi there, yes - I will post a pic now of really early days (prior to the lipo). READ COMMENT

No worries at all cidurm! I am glad it has helped! I couldn't happier with Dr Bloom - he has been wonderful through this whole process... Best of luck! READ COMMENT

HI ba86, Congrats on your results too - that is awesome! I think if you can have 14 days off you would be better off, just gives you a little longer to really get back on your feet. With that said, if you had to go back to work after... READ COMMENT

Nice! Yeah, the prospect of sit up scares me a little, but I guess everything in moderation to begin with. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym as in the last 4 weeks I have lost of a bit of muscle mass which isn't great. READ COMMENT