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Part Two: 13 weeks +/- PO!

So sorry I actually went one day without updating yesterday. I must be losing my touch... I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon Dr Wotowic at 9:30 am yesterday. I was SO excited to finally see the incision! His nurse peeled off the tape, and I was actually surprised to see that it is NOT a whole line of stitches across me (like Jack's face in Nightmare Before Christmas, a round... READ MORE

Part One: Day 13 Post Op: Stitches out!

I am 38 years old and the mother of three perfect children ages 8, 5, and 3 (my oldest is a girl.) My husband and I have been married almost 12 years. He is completely supportive of this procedure, because as he puts it, "I am sad every time we have to get dressed up and you feel so bad about yourself." Other than that, he has never said anything. This procedure is completely self-initiated... READ MORE

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Wow Lynn thanks for sharing all this :( I am so sorry about the pneumonia. And I agree with you -- your brother won. READ COMMENT

Yes it works. I can confirm after NOT drinking it for 2 weeks, and then drinking it again the past few days, I am definately less swollen ! READ COMMENT

Start taking it now. Usually it's 5 little "pills" dissolve under your tongue 3x a day. Dont touch the pills -- drop them directly from bottle under your tongue (your hands "contaminate" them) and don't d it when you have recently... READ COMMENT

I absolutely, completely, 100% looked better weeks 1 & 2 than I do now (week 5.) I am totally fatter and it's not my imagination -- my clothes are tighter. I think it's swelling and I am optimistic that we will look FABULOUS at 6... READ COMMENT

Did you hear back from your doctor yet on whether you can go ahead???? READ COMMENT