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Trying an Anti-Cellulite Device for the First Time - Los Angeles, CA

I've been using Dermarollers for a while and have seen great improvement in my skin but not in the cellulite department. So I want to try out this new ProBody device and see what happens. If I see any sort of noticeable improvement I might just step up to getting professional treatment as well. I'm using this one because I found a deal on it.. READ MORE

Testing Tanda Clear Acne Device - Los Angeles,CA

I have tried pills, creams, changing my diet, and being healthier. Still get too many pimples that I don't want anymore. I have tried many other devices for specific things (scars and wrinkles) and have had promising results so far. This new device is FDA approved (I only use FDA approved items) and so I think it will work out. Personal goal is to eliminate the little pimples when they come... READ MORE

Silkn FaceFX Anti-Aging Device - Use It As Recommended and See Results That Last

The device is an at-home treatment and it's very easy to use. I apply to the parts of my face that need it and because it has a built-in sensor, I don't have to worry about it burning my face/skin. I has seen wrinkles gradually dissipate with newer, cleaner skin and now I have a great less wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. It's changed my life because now I have a lot more confidence than... READ MORE

Must Keep Consistenly Using the Roller to Make It Work - Los Angeles, CA

You need to be consistent; that's what I learned about this. I wanted to get rid of wrinkles, scars, and some cellulite.The pros: DIY and whenever. Cons: none really, just motivation! I'm buying more bc it helped clear the wrinkles & look younger. There is actually a set being sold online right now (a lot less than the $146 I paid) Have the same results as before, so not much to update... READ MORE