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32 Years Old and Have Exhausted All Other Options....including Accutane. - Englewood, NJ

Day # 1 Today was my first day of taking 50 mg of spironolactone. I've been sitting on this prescription for a few months but after seeing how horrendous my skin was getting, i just decided to take the plunge. I don't think my acne is hormonal per se as I have it all month long but the worst of it seems to be around my mouth and chin though its spread to other areas of my face. I've been... READ MORE

Questions from Sasch12

I Have Mild/moderate Persistent Adult Acne. What Other Options Do I Have?

I have done topicals: retin A Retin A Micro Differin Ziana Antibiotics birth control BP accutane (an incomplete course) chemical peels What else is there for me to try. I... READ MORE

I have developed facial eczema from overuse of BP. Does this mean i can't use other topicals? (photos)

When i quit my regimen because of this, it cleared up on its own. My new derm said i should use minimal BP in the AM and atralin/tazorac on alternate nights. Within 2 days of... READ MORE

I developed eczema while on BP. It flares with harsh topicals (retin a anyone). What is open to me if I see a derm?

I've been on almost every topical that derms have to offer. I've done chemicals peels, antibiotics and birth control. I break out in large and small pimples everyday plus had... READ MORE

Is spiro only for acne that shows up around a woman's period?

I have been on accutane and I never cleared up during my course - broke out in new bumps everyday. My acne goes between mild and moderate now and my skin is quickly going back... READ MORE

What else is there for me to try for mild/moderate acne?

I have used BP for a year with success until it gave me facial eczema. Every topical i try now induces my eczema. I have used retin a (various strengths), differin (various... READ MORE

Is this perioral dermatitis? (photos)

I went to one derm and she said it was acne but another derm said it was perioral dermatitis. I'm so confused as they are treated 2 different ways. I have eczema so most... READ MORE

I've been prescribed Accutane, does that help with perioral dermatitis? (photos)

One Derm says i have acne and another says i have perioral dermatitis. My acne is all over mostly around mouth and chin. I've been prescribed accutane, does that help with... READ MORE

Did BP damage my skin permanently? (photos)

Used BP for a year till I developed eczema . Now I am left with a ring of redness and extremely dry, tight and burning skin around my mouth despite moisturizing and also acne.... READ MORE

What is going on with my face?

After using BP for a year, I developed eczema on parts of my face so I stopped. A year later I have severe dryness and flakiness around the sides of my mouth and chin no matter... READ MORE

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The large bump on my jaw has grown and expanded with an under skin white bump....,grr. It can't be popped but it looks like a white head. I'm annoyed. I also have 2 more underground pimples developing on right cheek. This is what I... READ COMMENT

For many, there is no one cause of acne so please take everything that people suggest as an option and not the holy grail. Water is great for the body and can only help but it may not control acne for many. It may take a good diet,... READ COMMENT

Hi Linnnie -thanks for taking the time to respond. It's been a heck of a year of uncertainty and worry and stress but overall, spiro has been worth it. With that said, it does not come without its side effects most notably weight gain... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the input. Just saw your comments tonight. I have done so many food sensitivity tests as well as elimination diets and even after avoidances for months on end, no change in my acne. I have been dairy and gluten free for... READ COMMENT

Cystic acne thankfully is not as often. I do however get the pus filled ones as well as the inflammed garden variety zits. I do get hyperpigmentation but thankfully no scarring to note. Thanks for the positive means a lot. READ COMMENT