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Is Radio Frequency Effective/capable of Removing Fat Graft? What Are the Downsides?

Done fat graft in August wish to remove the mass on cheek very badly. Is radio frequency fat removal effective to damage or dissolve fat cell? What are the downsides? And how... READ MORE

Fat Graft on Face - I Wish To Lose All of It, But How?

My facial fat transfer surgery has been done for a year and so far it has lost great amount around 65% to say conservatively. However I am still not very happy with it and hope... READ MORE

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Hi micchy, mind to share how u removed them? So far how successful is the procedure? Any downside? I had been very desperate for a long time for those two lumps on my hamster face after graft now kinda accepted it but every time when I... READ COMMENT

Sha sha I gone thru the same thing .... Super long face and tear trough has little lump on my cheeks when I smile. I felt so bad about it for such a long time..... Even now most I the fat is gone the lumps are still there very obvious..... READ COMMENT

Sculptra would go slower for those fat grafted face? How slow? And is it smooth? I did filler, not bad but result goes away very quickly and always not full enough... READ COMMENT

Hey glad to hear that, I m 18 months post surgery. Pretty much everything is gone and somehow I wish a bit more could be kept. Still I glad the worst days been over already. Wonder if any of u got rejected by doc about injecting filler?... READ COMMENT

Hi Juliabars, Does thermage really help to get rid of fat graft? How strong that would need and approximately how many time of thermage u have undergone to achieve that? Appreciate your response... READ COMMENT