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Gastric Sleeve

Looking to have wls soon in Mexico. I've struggled with my weight for years. I did a good job maintaining it with the help of diet pills, but after having my daughter who is now almost 3 I've struggled with losing. I've gained a lot of extra weight. I'm looking to pay cash which is one of my reasons for considering Mexico. I was approved for financing her in Florida ( Lauderhill), but the... READ MORE

Thigh Lipo and Fat Transfer to Butt - Boca Raton, FL

Im 27yrs old 5'4 158 pounds. My thighs are really heavy due to genetics I guess lol. My weight has always been up and down. My heaviest size was 225 about 7 years ago. Im getting lipo on my back and inner thighs and fat transferred to my butt. Due to weight loss the bottom of my butt sags and has loss its volume. Im very nervous...im scheduled to have my procedure june 11th with dr. Dean at... READ MORE

Questions from Missz1985

What Do You Suggest For Reshaping Lower Butt Area to Return Volume & Lose Dimples (photo)?

Hi, I am 26 years old 5'4 and 160 pounds. I am currently trying to get my weight down to 150. After losing weight a few years ago cellulite appeared in thighs & butt. The... READ MORE

Reshaping and Filling out Lower Butt to Lose Dimples and Increase Volume? (photo)

Hi, I am 26 years old 5'4 and 160 pounds. I am currently trying to get my weight down to 150. After losing weight a few years ago cellulite appeared in thighs & butt. The... READ MORE

Age 27, 5'4m, 158lbs, Would Like to Do Something About the Appearance of Fat Pockets/Cellulite in the Back of Thighs?

I am 27 yrs old 5'4 158 pounds. My highest weight was 225 about 5 yrs ago. I carry most of my weight in my lower body. I would like to improve the appreance of the fat... READ MORE

Why is my Lower Butt Soft and Flat After Lipo and Fat Transfer? (photo)

I am 27 years old and two weeks ago I had liposuction and fat tranfer to my butt. The top of my butt is big and hard and the bottom of my butt is flat, soft and droopy. Before... READ MORE

How can I improve my lower butt area? (Photos)

About 3 years ago I had thigh liposuction with fat transfer to the buttock area. I asked the surgeon to round out the bottom area of my butt because I already had a large butt.... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Had a Butt Lift and the Lower Butt is Still Flat?

2 weeks ago I had lipo with a fat transfer to the butt. I am alittle dissappointed because the top of my butt has lots of volume but my lower butt is flater. From the side... READ MORE

Has Anyone Used Dr. Montano at A Slimmer Me?

Looking for reviews on Dr. Luis Montano or just your experience at J.L Pardo clinic through ALM. I haven't had much luck on reviews but I the patients I found on Instagram are... READ MORE

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I'm considering using them as well. Please let me know how everything goes READ COMMENT

Is a similar to the sleeve except the stomach is folded instead of stapled. The patient still loses weight, but will eventually stop I guess. I read It on a blog I found. Who knows if it's true or just more competitors. READ COMMENT

Best of luck to you! Let me know how things go. READ COMMENT

My worry with them is that they might be doing an plication instead of the gastric sleeve because their prices are so low. I've read that many doctors in Mexico that offer cheap prices are not stapling the entire sleeve. READ COMMENT

Thanks for this! I've been so sad about the outcome of my butt for years, but this makes a lot of sense and just what I needed to hear. I've gain lots of weight since having a child and it looks even worse. Worst mistake of my life.... READ COMMENT