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This thread is for people who "DID NOT KNOW something about invisalign." If you all know everything, Y be in this thread. I personally am glad that people posted this information because it helped me make my decision. It is almost... READ COMMENT

They may have told you but they don't tell most people and they didn't tell me. The teeth shifting seems like a bigger issue with invisalign than regular braces. I know several people who wore regular braces who didn't give it a... READ COMMENT

Any dentist who recommends a complete over haul is your clue to get a second opinion. A bite issue is often made worse by poorly designed crowns. A busy dentist likely did not have the time to actually evaluate your bite to make sure... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your response. Structural problems resulted in me not getting invisalign or braces, but I am sooooooo mad that they don't tell you how easy it is for the teeth to shift after invisalign. They really need to advertise that... READ COMMENT

Wow...I am glad you are not bothered by that. I can see why Invisalign is not recommended for children and teens. Most people don't have the patience to wear a retainer all day. READ COMMENT