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Argh, bad spell check. That should be Dr. Bednar READ COMMENT

I would look up Dr. Bed at in North Carolina. He's produced the best breast fat transfer results I've seen. READ COMMENT

Hi, Colleen, are you still holding at about the same size you were at 4 months? I visited Dr. Bednar's site a little while ago and his gallery included some pictures that looked like you (now removed) where it looked like you were,... READ COMMENT

It's not the areas where fat was removed I would've expected people to notice. But maybe it would've been weird for family members to mention the other thing without being sure. :-) READ COMMENT

Hi, Colleen, I know you decided to go with a single transfer session, but did Dr. Bednar give any information about doing multiple sessions, like how long you have to wait between each session, how much fat can be injected in each one,... READ COMMENT