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I Have a Cyst on my Lip That Was a Result of a Juvederm Injection?

It has been almost 2 years and it has not gone away. The doctor who injected me says that he needs to remove it surgically as an outpatient procedure. He says injecting it with... READ MORE

Restylane Not Working for Some "Lines" Under Eyes, Should I Try Laser?

I have been getting restylane for lower eye creases, and the doctor has mosty injected on the inner eye area. He seems to be unable to get rid of some lines/wrinkles on the... READ MORE

How Much Does a Patient See Bruising/Swelling Worry Around Radiofrequency Skin Tightening with Liposuction of the Neck?

I am in my mid fifties and had a facelift about 5 years ago. My doctor says he sees sagging around the neck area (not too pronounced though) and suggested the above outpatient... READ MORE

I Had Radiofrequency Under Neck ($1000.00) and my Doctor Says It Takes Months to See Results (Still Puffy/swollen)?

I had rf under my neck in conjunction with a mini neck lift. My doctor says that it will take months to see results but I've read on sites that results are immediate. He... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Before You See Radiofrequency Tightening of Neck Results?

I had radiofrequency of neck along with mini neck lift, 2 months ago and my doctor says it is still swollen and wants to see me in 2 months. He is happy with the neck lift... READ MORE

Ptsosis - (After Facelift)-Ethical Dynamic, Thoughts On Doctor's Behavior?

A prominent doctor did my face lift . One half hour BEFORE surgery, HIS RESIDENT came in. This doctor NEVER MENTIONED him to me. After the surgery - my ears protruded and... READ MORE

What Are the Surgical Requirements of a SENIOR RESIDENT and the Ptosis Aftermath?

Thank you for all your effort around my situation. But despite your clarifications, isn't it true a senior resident HAS to perform more and more of the surgery to meet... READ MORE

Do You Agree Doctors - That a PATIENT is the ONE Who Decides - It is HER RIGHT - to Say a Resident Will Not Touch Her Face?

The aforementioned question begs to be answered and not one doctor brought this up. I know two people who had facelifts and wrote NO RESIDENT in operating room on their consent... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lipsuction in New York City?

After 4 children, my skin needs tightening. What would you recommend? Are both procedures invasive to the same degree READ MORE