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Am beyond delighted! United Kingdom

Hello from the UK! So, I'm 40 hrs old and have hated my breasts for all of my adult life. Similar to many people on here, I have wrangled with myself for all these years about having a breast reduction - should I, shouldn't I - on an endless loop. Well, I finally got off the fence and I have my consultation on Wednesday evening. I don't qualify for the surgery on the NHS here, so am having to... READ MORE

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Feeling blue after the initial euphoria

So I'm one week post op now. First few days were amazing. Couldn't believe I'd actually done it, was amazed at the results, was more mobile than I thought I'd be and had no... READ MORE

Do you feel like yr doc has stitched you into the skin of a tiny person?!

You know when you wear something that's too tight and you wrestle with it all day, then come home, take it off and the relief you feel is amazing? Well I have that sensation of... READ MORE

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275g and 225g. Wish he'd taken more :-( READ COMMENT

Can't comment ref lollipop scar but regarding size, I was probably about an F cup before and I'm now a D. Whilst I'm pleased overall and the surgeon gave me an amazing shape, I'd ideally like to be smaller still. If I could do it again,... READ COMMENT

Yep, me too. I was totally in denial and refused to acknowledge just how big I was. I wore bras at least 2 cup sizes too small. READ COMMENT

Yes, I had sore ribs for ages. It does go eventually! Just hang in there! READ COMMENT

Hi. You look fabulous but I do know exactly what you mean about wanting to be smaller. I feel the same. I'm 3 months post op now and 100% back to normal but I still get the odd pang of wishing I was smaller. I didn't go through all of... READ COMMENT