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Is It Possible to Make a 30 Year Old Look in Her Mid Twenties Again?

I have noticed some hollowness under my eyes since I have turned thirty. My ear through is more visible and I have lost a lot of volume in my upper cheeks, they have started to... READ MORE

Reduce or Soften Outer Orbital Rim? Is It Possible?

Is it possible by a surgical procedure to reduce or "soften" the look of the outer orbital rim. My orbits are quite large which also results in my forehead looking wider. I... READ MORE

Will Extreme Weight Loss Make Me Look Older?

I'm 32 years old and overweight and I want to lose about 60 lbs. I'm currently on a strict diet, called a protein diet. Since my fat loss is going so fast I was wondering if it... READ MORE

Restoring Volume, Implants or Fat Transfer?

I was wondering what the difference is between implants and fat transfer. From what I understood fat transfer is done using a needle and injecting fat into hollow areas. But... READ MORE