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How Can I Get Rid of This Facial Scar on Ethnic Skin? (photo)

I am a light skinned females mixed with Black and Hispanic. Almost a year ago i got a pimple right above my lip. Because of the location i couldn't stand it, and basically... READ MORE

Does a VI Peel Require the Use of Hydroquinone for the Procedure on People of Color?

Does a VI peel require the use of hydroquinone before the procedure on people of color? Also, if hydroquinone makes my skin red but doesnt cause any irritation, is that bad and... READ MORE

Fraxel on Light Brown Skin?

I have hyper pigmented dark spots that really stand out because of my color. Ive been to a bunch of doctors who simply don't treat my skin tone or have never done the procedure... READ MORE

Finding a Doctor for Laser on Light Brown Skin?

Ive been to a bunch of doctors and they all couldn't treat or have never treated my skin tone. I have spots of hyper-pigmentation/dark spots that really stand out because of my... READ MORE

How Often Can You Get Non Ablative Laser Done?

I have light brown skin and i was wondering how long i have to wait to get another treatment done. READ MORE

Burned After Affirm Multi Laser Nonablative, Skin Looks Horrible? Light Brown Complexion (photo)

Yesterday i went an got Affirm laser for 2 dark spots i had above my lip.When the procedure was being done i smelled my skin burning, this wasn't normal to me because in the... READ MORE

How Long After Non Ablative Fractional Laser Do You Have to Wait to Get a Peel?

How long after Non ablative fractional laser resurfacing do you have to wait to get a peel? Ethnic skin. READ MORE

Will Fraxel Restore Dual Work for Hyperpigmentation?

Will fraxel restore dual work for hypepigmentation on light brown skin? Also will it work for flat scars that are discolored? Why have i read so many horror stories about... READ MORE

Will Laser Resurfacing Make PIH Worse from Prior Laser Resurfacing?

I had laser and the lady burned me. It healed and now the area is darker then the rest of my skin. Since laser resurfacing helps hyperpigmentation, will another laser treatment... READ MORE

Can Bleaching Cream Be Used Up Until the Day of Fraxel Dual?

Can bleaching cream be used up until the day of fraxel dual? or does it need to be stopped a certain time before the procedure? READ MORE

Accutane and Laser? Do I have to wait a month after the laser to start Accutane?

If i haven't started accutane and i had non ablative laser, do i have to wait a month after the laser to start accutane or does it matter? READ MORE