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Such an easy procedure with amazing results!

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22 Jan 2017, Created 1 month ago

Michele S. Green, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I have been going to Dr.Green for a while now, I had some great procedures there. Everyone tells me that I look really good and I do. The only thing which still bothers me is the fine lines on my lower part of face and around the eyes. I spoke to Dr.Green about it and she suggested microneedling with prp. I made an appointment for the following week. After I got there the nurse drew some... READ MORE

Wonderful Procedure for my Double Chin! New York, NY

I have been a patient of Dr.Green for a while and I think she is an amazing doctor, besides that she is a real artist, that's the reason I trust her. My double chin has been bothering me for a while, so I talked to Dr.Green about it. Dr.Green told me about an injection called kybella. I decided to do it. First Dr.Green marked and numbed the area, after that she performed the procedure. It was... READ MORE

Loving my Thighs! - New York

I have read about cool sculpting for a while and I wanted to know Dr.Greens opinion on it. After she re insured me about it I decided to do it, after all the office had great results for the last four years. What had always bothered me it were the thighs so I did set an appointment. The outer thighs took 4 hours and the inner thighs took only two hours,I suggest to set up two different... READ MORE

Beautiful Job! - New York

I went to Dr.Green because I was feeling old and I wanted to do something about it. The area which bothered me the most were the laughing lines. I set an appointment and went to see Dr.Green. It was very easy, I went to the office and talked to Dr.Green. I was suggested to numb for an hour which i did and after that the procedure was a breeze. Dr.Green did an amazing job. She suggested to do... READ MORE

A Laser Which Makes You Look Younger Without Down Time - New York, NY

I decided to do Thermage because is a procedure that gives you tighter skin, and stimulates healthier collagen. My lower face and neck was loosing that tightness, I guess as we age we do loose the collagen. I discussed this with Dr.Green and that's when she suggested Thermage. The procedure lasted 2 hours and there was no down time,also it was not painful at all. In the first 2 months I did... READ MORE