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Is Nose Hump After Septoplasty Just Swelling?

I had Septoplasty with turbinate reduction surgery 04/01/09. My doctor also "rasped" the hump that I had. I got my splint out 8 days later. I can breathe so well, but my hump... READ MORE

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Hey guys- I will be 6 months post-op on Oct 1st. I still have a hump. It is hard like bone. My Dr said sorry it's scar tissue. Nothing I can do. I do not think it is swelling. I can feel a slight indentation on the bridge of my nose... READ COMMENT

TX: he's a young ENT in Surprise AZ. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon too. I have a call into the insurance people to see what he will charge me. I'm glad yours is getting better. There's nothing I can do about the scar tissue (I... READ COMMENT

Hey I had the same issue. He shaved off the bump-said it looked great and that it would be swollen for a while. Now- 3 months later, he told me it's scar tissue and that it wouldnt go away unless I had another surgery. I'm very upset... READ COMMENT

Hey TX: Ok so I had closed rhinoplasty to file down the bone. the dr said he got 99% of it down. Im 3 months post op and I went to the dr and he said the bump that i still have is scar tissue. So all the money and pain to file it down-... READ COMMENT

Thanks TX. I am so glad you aske the quesion about the injections. I won't even ask my dr to get the shots. they sound scary. I am proud of you for writing the letter. I think once you read it all to him he will absolutely realize how... READ COMMENT