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Cartilage or Implants for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am thinking about getting rhinoplasty. Can you tell me more about cartilage & silicone implants? Is one more expensive than the other? I think I have plenty of... READ MORE

How is General Anesthesia Given?

How is general anesthesia given when getting rhinoplasty? I know there are IVs and shots involved, both of which I am very afraid of. Can you tell me a bit more about IVs? My... READ MORE

How Old To Get Rhinoplasty?

I started my menstrual cycle way back when I was 10. Around what age should I consider getting rhinoplasty safely? READ MORE

Why is There a Bump Inside my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had tip-plasty and now when I put my finger inside my nose, it's not as spacious as it was before. I can BARELY put my finger in. I'm really worried that the huge bump inside... READ MORE

Cartilage for Bridge Augmentation?

I just went to Asia for rhinoplasty & contacted a lot of board certified plastic surgeons there but they all wanted to use silicone & said they did not use cartilage... READ MORE

Why Did my Rhinoplasty Create a Bigger Hump?

I got rhinoplasty to remove a MINOR minor hump on my nose bridge by grinding the bone. You could barely see the hump unless you REALLY scrutinize but I had it done anyway. Now... READ MORE