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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery 4 Days Before Asian Rhinoplasty?

Hi Doctors, would you recommend a patient getting a Double eyelid Surgery with Ptosis repair four days before Rhinoplasty? I already have a double eyelid from suture technique... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Widens the Corner of my Lips (Left&right)?

I already have a full upper and lower lips and don't want to make it any fuller. But I think the length of my mouth is small, I want to make my lips/smile a little wider. I'm... READ MORE

Bridge Too High After Asian Rhinoplasty?

Had augmentation using ear cartilage+fascia for my nose bridge. its 2 weeks post op now and I think the bridge is too high. I'd like to see 2mm down more for my bridge. The... READ MORE

Injection Using Perlane to the Chin

How much in millimeters(mm) would injection using only one syringe of Perlane adds to the Chin? If I add about 1 mm thickness and 1 mm length to the chin, would this be less... READ MORE

Asian Rhino Post-Op Width of Nose?

Hi, I am 19days Post-Op Asian Rhinoplasty. The height of my bridge swelling has gone down significantly, and the skin of my nose is not that puffy anymore (except the tip part)... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid+Epicanthoplasty Revision?

Is it possible to do revision on Double eyelid+epicanthoplasty 3 months after the surgery? I just had a double eyelid and epicanthoplasty and ptosis repair, those all at once a... READ MORE

The fat from fat grafting could move down to the eyes? Please help my case. (photo)

I just had my second fat grafting near the eyebrow and many on my forehead. In the past, fat graft never had affect on my eyes. Even yesterday my eyes were fine. Last night i... READ MORE

How soon can I inject Perlane into my nose bridge following Revisional Asian-Rhinoplasty?

I have 5mm Silicone inserted in my bridge but I still want a tad bit taller bridge (creating a little hump). Is it advisable to inject filler Perlane a month Post-Op (this time... READ MORE