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I Would Like Tear Trough Injections. Am I a Suitable Candidate? (photo)

I'm only 22 but i've been thinking about tear trough injections to smooth out my under eye area. i have dark circles but am not concerned about that so much as the... READ MORE

Tear Trough Results. How Do I Proceed?

So i went ahead with the procedure and already adore the results--i needed way more filler under the eye than i expected but hopefully for touch-ups will only need one vial... READ MORE

Restylane Stimulating Collagen?

I've been reading that restylane, though it is temporary, often permanently improves the appearance of the area it was injected into by stimulating collagen. is there any truth... READ MORE

puffy eyes from crying or did i ruin it 3 days post-Restylane?

I cried yesterday because i was super upset about something. 3 days post-restylane injections in my tear troughs, 2 units...i've been very gently applying make-up to my face... READ MORE

Restylane Gone from TT in One Month?

I got 2.5 units on my tt's done about a month ago (2 units with a later correction). Looked great but I am noticing bags again. Possible or am I just forgetting how severe they... READ MORE

2.5 of Restylane and Still Have Bad Bags? (photo)

Below are before and after photos. i got overall 2.5 restylane in my tear troughs and a month and a half after the treatment look like this. i still have bags. the lighting in... READ MORE

Burst Blood Vessel in TTs? (photo)

I got a touch up of restylane, 1 syringe, on my TTs and have no bruising but this rather large red thing at one of the injection sites. I have some teeny red "pin holes" where... READ MORE