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How to Fix Asymmetrical Nostrils? (photo)

Hi, I'm 16 years old. I noticed one of my nostrils is slightly higher than the other one, its bothered me for years. When I look in the mirror its not too bad but in pictures,... READ MORE

Can Loose Cartilage Make One Nostril Uneven and Asymmetrical? (photo)

I asked another question about my nostrils & a composite graft was suggested on the one that flared. But I've noticed that the cartilage in the nostril that hangs lower... READ MORE

Slightly Narrow Upper Lateral Cartilage, Slightly Lower Nose Tip, and Correct Possible Nasal Valve Collapse? (photo)

Hi, I'm 16 yo male but I'll have rhinoplasty in my 20s. These are the procedures I want, would you recommend them & would it look good & natural or is it too much? 1.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Narrow & Lower Nose Tip, and Straighten from Profile View, with Very Subtle but Improved Results?

Hi! Are these procedure possible to achieve? Is it risky? & will it look good? 1. Have my tip/bridge slightly narrowed. 2. lower my nose tip, it seems a little high 3. have... READ MORE

Does It Make Sense to Have a Sliding Genioplasty or Chin Implant Put in While Overweight?

I'm overweight, but it's quite obvious that have a receding chin. My chin doesn't go past my forehead from a profile view, and I also have a long 2cm philtrum so everything... READ MORE

Is it possible to augment the temporal process with cheek implants?

Hello! I've seen many of before/afters of men with malar/submalar implants and it always has a rounding, feminizing effect. Is this because implants don't typically augment the... READ MORE

Nasal valve collapse: breathing difficulty and asymmetry. Can this be corrected? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I have a nasal valve collapse in my left nostril (internal/external?) that I'm getting fixed soon with septal cartilage grafts. The collapse is causing my left... READ MORE

Can filler be used to sculpt high, sharp cheekbones without making them fat?

Hello, I would really like higher cheekbones but I've noticed that so many people end up having fat cheeks after filler and that's something I want to avoid at all costs since... READ MORE

Is clear, watery discharge normal 2 days post-op after a septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty on Friday with septal grafting to my left nostril for a valve collapse. Its healing well, except I noticed I have a clear, watery discharge that drips from... READ MORE

A week after Septoplasty I notice air feels cold and sharp going up my nostrils. Does this sound like empty nose syndrome?

Hello, A week and a half ago I had a septoplasty. I didn't need a turbinate reduction but my surgeon did it anyway, he assured me I wouldn't have ENS because he only trims them... READ MORE

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Your lips have a very nice shape to them already, and they're going to look even better with the lift. Good luck, can't wait to see your results. :) READ COMMENT

Beautifully done. :) READ COMMENT