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Can Invislign Treatment Combined with TMJ Treatment Help?

Can these treatment help reduce my misaligned jaw pain, straighten my teeth, and resposition my jaws back to place. My orthodontist said it will. The invislign treatment is... READ MORE

Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing Effective for Acne Scars and Sun Damage?

So i plan to get co2 laser resurfacing, to treat acne scars, an uneven tan/sun damage. I also want to treat, want seems to look like rhinophyma on the right side of my nose. My... READ MORE

Plagiocephaly - Would Craniofacial Surgery or Facial Reconstruction Surgery Be Right For Me?

I will visit a craniofacial surgeon this week, because i believe i have plagiocephaly on the right side of my face/head. The reason i say this is because my head/ face is... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Have Co2 Laser Resurfacing and Done in Another Country?

Lets say in south america. I want to get co2 laser resurfacing done to get acne scars, a rhinophyma looking nose (right side nose only), and sun damage/uneven sun tan done.... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign to Treat One Row of Teeth and Not All?

What would happen if you get invislign to treat one row if teeth, instead of all rows of teeth. Like all my teeth are straight except for the right upper row of teeth. My... READ MORE

Can Invislign Have Tmj Treatment Included?

I would like to know, if certain invislign can be made to specialize in treating tmj as well. Like my orthodontist told me i will have a dual treatment: invislign and tmj... READ MORE

Can Too Much Sun Exposure Cause Your Nose to Deform?

Like would too much of it, no wearing any suncreeen or wearing a hat cause your nose to deform? What i mean deform, is your nose to become a bit bulbous. If so why and what... READ MORE

Can too Much Sun Exposure Deform Your Nose?

Anyone know if it possible? If so why. READ MORE

Will Co2 Laser Resurfacing Be the Most Effective Treatment for Me?

So i have noticebale acne scars, skin/sun damage, and moderate rhinophyma on the right side of my nose. I am 22 years old and naturally fair skinned. However, my face seems... READ MORE

Can Invislign Have Tmj Treatment Also?

So my orthdontist told me that my invislign (1.5 year treatment ) has tmj treatment built in it as well. When i asked when i will start my tmj treatment, she said the invislign... READ MORE

TMJ Issue and Concern (Using Invislign to Help)?

So i have tmj (my left/ right jaw is misaligned). i would like to specifically ask about the left side jaw with tmj. So a few months ago (april), my left chin/jaw landed hard... READ MORE

Ebrium Laser Resurfacing Vs Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am planning to get one of these treatments, to treat my acne scars, sun damage/uneven tan. I would consider the degree of my skin condition as moderate acne scar and sun... READ MORE

Am I Being Taken Advantage with This Invislign Treatment?

So i started my invislign treatment end of july. My orthodontist told me my invislign treatment time span will be 1.5 year. I amhave being charged for the invislign treatment... READ MORE

Could This Injury Affect/shift my Mandible, Maxilla and Nose?

A few months ago I hit my left chin/jaw, bottom first onto a hard wood table. I felt suddenly extreme pain on my left chin/jaw, which would stop minutes later. A few days later... READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Skin Treament That Helps Remove a Heavy Tan?

I would like to know if there is any effective laser treatment, that can help get rid of a heavy tan on the following specific areas: both forearms, both lower leg regions, and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Rhinophyma On One Side of Your Nose?

If so, would c02 laser or erbium laser be best to get of rhinophyma. READ MORE

Is my Orthodontist Right in Doing This?

So I started my invislign treatment on august 20th of this year. (1 1/2 year treatment) The reason for my inviting was to treat a slight malocclusion and to misaligned jaws. I... READ MORE

Any Reason for Maxillary Protusion?

So a few months ago (this past April), i fell left chin/jaw bottom first onto a wooden table. Would this impact ( to my left chin/jaw hit quite hard), cause left maxilla... READ MORE

Huge Pain on Left Upper and Lower Jaw?

On both upper and lower jaws since April 2012. It has gotten to the point that it does not allow me to concentrate on my work. On April 2012, i fell left jaw bottom first onto... READ MORE

Possible Change in Nose Due to Injury?

Would a injury to both upper and lower jaw cause your nose's position to shift or change in anyway (e.g. form,position). Where can i go to find out if it did? I mean it feels... READ MORE

Can Your Insurance Cover Laser Skin/acne Resurfacing?

So I want/need to get laser skin/acne resurfacing because i have highly moderate acne scars, rhinophyma (one side of my nose), and skin damage. Would my insurance (CIGNA), be... READ MORE

Does Laser Resurfacing Work on Eye Bags?

Besides laser resurfacing getting rid of acne scars, sun damage, uneven tan lines, and other skin conditions, can it also get rid of eye bags significantly? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Maxilla Protusion?

Whether this protusion be due to jaw/ facial trauma or misaligned jaw/teeth due to a off bite. READ MORE

Possible Change to Facial Muscles Due to Injury?

So on my last post i mentioned that i hit my left jaw/facial chin bottom first onto a wooden table back in april 2012. I asked if this injury could have affected my nose in... READ MORE

Any Chance I Might Get my Money Back?

If both my invislign treatment ($4,000) and tmj treatment ($2,500) fails? I have been 3 months into my invislign treatment and i have yet to see even the slightest results. I... READ MORE

What to Do About a Right Side Maxillary Protrusion/swelling Along with Rigth Side Jaw Pain/swelling?

I hit my right side lower jaw/chin bottom first onto a wooden table on April 2012. My doctor requested i get a xray of facial bones, for anything broken/fractured. The xrays... READ MORE

Can Laser Treatment Be Done During Invisalign Treatment?

So currently i am under invislign treatment. I am planning to have laser treatmentdone (e.g. co2, fractional, ebrium) done to get rid of acne scars and sun damage. Would... READ MORE

How Expensive is Laser Treatment for Acne and Sun Damage?

In the state of new york, i know there is no exacy price but a range would be suffice to have an idea. READ MORE

Does Co2 Laser Work on Heavy Tans?

Like would it get rid mostly or partially of a heavy tan on the face, neck , lower arms and lower legs, which are the areas that are heavily tanned. I mean i never used to wear... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Rhinophyma?

Would it be through laser treatment (e.g. co2 laser ) or surgery? I seem to have rhinophyma but on one side of the nose since its looks large, red , and bulbous on that side. I... READ MORE

Does Mircodembrasion Work on Your Neck, Lower Arms, and Lower Legs As Well?

Aside of your face, in order to better scars, sun damage, and uneven sun tan. I went to my dermatologist today and she suggested i get microdembrasion done, instead of laser... READ MORE

Do All Microdembrasions Work the Same?

As to they all improve acne scars , sun damages, etc. So i went to my dermatologist because of my acne scars, and i dont know if its uneven tan or sun damage. The thing is when... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment Wuld Best Work for my Skin Condition? (photo)

I am currently going to a dermatologist who told me that mircodembrasion would best work for my skin situation, which she says is superficial. I have already gotten the first... READ MORE

How to Know and Get Rid of Rhinophyma? (photo)

So i posted four pics below, focusing on the right side of my nose only, since the left side of my nose looks normal/fine. As for the right side of my nose, it seems that i... READ MORE

Would This Be Considered a Uneven Skin Tan or Sun Damage? (photo)

So below i have uploaded pics, focusing on what either is uneven sun tan or sun damage. I thought this to be a sun tan, but sun tans usually go away, and what you see has not... READ MORE

Everything On the Right Side of My Face Hangs Lower Than My Left From Trauma Long Ago?

So when i was 4-5 yrs old, i had a facial trauma to the right side of my face when playing with my cousins, in which i fell right side face first onto a steel platform... READ MORE

What is the Typical Price Range for Gum Grafting and is It Worth It? (photo)

Can in the long run, not getting it done cause tooth loss, if not done? Also can gum recession ( periodontist told me my situation is due to heavy brushing) cause lower jaw... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with the Right Side of my Nose? (photo)

What do I have on the right side of my nose? Is it rhinophyma, saddle nose, ski jump deformity, any other nose deformity. I keep thinking its more like rhinophyma, but i could... READ MORE

What Laser Would Best Remove Unwanted Heavy Sun Tan?

Would it be c02, ebrium, chemical laser peel, fractional,etc. Overall, I am fair to live skin in skin tone and 22 years old. I am trying to get rid of this heavy unwanted tan... READ MORE

Best Way to Get Rid of Heavy Suntan/sun Damage?

On your lower arms, lower legs, necl and even face. Would co2 fractional be the best solution or is there another laser option that would do better. Also what would be the... READ MORE

Why Does my Upper Jaw (Maxilla) Feel Weird?

When i slipped and feel bottom first onto my lower jaw (mandible) onto a hard wooden table. Why would my upper jaw (maxilla) feel uncomfortable, if its my lower jaw (mandible)... READ MORE

When Will I Start Seeing Results in my Skin After Microdembrasion Sessions?

So, i have already had two microdembrasion sessions, (1st session in February and 2nd session in March). When will i start seeing more significant results, as to seeing most of... READ MORE

What Laser Would Work on These Areas? (photo)

On my face, neck, lower arms, and lower legs. i want to get a laser treatment for those following areas, but dont know which would laser would work best in getting my results.... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Hair? (photo)

Then left side of my hair grows dry and brittle (looks like hay from the farm), and as for the right side of my hair it looks fine and healthy. what could be causing the left... READ MORE

Would CO2 Laser Resurfacing Be Ideal for Me?

Like overall i have found out that co2 laser resurfacing is great in riding a great majority of acne scars, sun damage, uneven skin tone/tan,etc. However, what makes me worry... READ MORE

C02 Laser or Another Laser?

For acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and bulbous of nose. i believe c02 laser would be the best option. however, i also heard that co2 tends to tighten skin and that is something... READ MORE

Will Co2 Laser Resurfacing Cause This Problem?

I have asked this question before, would like to make sure just in case, because getting a procedure like this done is serious. I need to know if co2 laser resurfacing or other... READ MORE

What Laser Resurfacing Would Best Work for Me?

I know i have posted a few weeks ago, about getting co2 laser resurfacing for my face and most of you suggested i get co2 for my problem (e.g. acne scars, bulbous looking nose... READ MORE

What Laser Can Be Used for These Affected Areas of Skin?

My face, neck, lower arms, and lower legs look either heavily tanned, sun damaged, or hyperpigmentated due to too much sun exposure (spending alot hours in the sun with no... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Dark Sun Tan Skinned Areas?

So after being so long under the sun's exposure for years during its hottest due to work, with no sunscreen, i have developed dark sun tan exposed skin on these areas of the... READ MORE

Rhinophyma Issue Affecting One Side of my Nose?

So I believe i have rhinophyma. i went to a dermatologist and she said i didn't, have it but i doubt she is right since she didn't look at the one side of the nose to state... READ MORE